Dante Norris, Easton Meyer, Olivia Davidson

This week’s athletes of the week are Crookston Pirate Boys Basketball senior student managers, Dante Norris, Easton Meyer, and Olivia Davidson. Student managers are the unsung heroes in high school sports and the three managers have wrapped up a great four year career helping make the Pirate Boys Basketball program as successful as it is.  Pirate Boys Basketball coach Greg Garmen and the Pirate players don't have to worry about anything other than practices and the games because of the hard work of the Pirate student managers including these three.   Dante, Easton, and Olivia have done a wide variety of things from video of the games, scorebook, stats, getting things ready for practices and games, and so much more.  Dante, Easton and Olivia have given more to the program than most and maybe even they realize, but their hard work and dedication has been appreciated by KROX Radio, the coaching staff and the players.  “Our three senior managers have been outstanding.  Easton has been with us the longest and has done it all.  Every aspect of managing- stats, book, equipment, food, video, I pad work.  Dante joined us after playing last year. Dante works on the Ipad and does stats on that for us.   Olivia has been our videographer forever it seems like. She is the best around.  I often get film from others and ours are the best I have seen,” said Pirate Coach Greg Garmen.  “I will sure miss this crew as they do a lot of the behind the scenes tasks for me.  They have been very loyal and dependable over the years.”
Dante Norris was a football manager, he plays baseball, is in orchestra, pep band, student council and on the honor roll!
Easton Meyer was a football manager, is a member of the student council, LEO Club, Environthon and is on the honor roll.
Olivia Davidson is attending UMC as a post secondary student and has been going full time for two years and will only have a couple years of college left after she graduates from high school

First started managing basketball-
Dante - Freshman
Easton - Freshman
Olivia - Freshman

What is your favorite part of being a manager

Dante - Still being part of the team, without the pressure of performing
Easton - Same as Dante - Still being part of the team
Olivia - Everyone is funny and it is fun going to all the games

What is your least favorite part of being a manager
Dante - When we are low on managers, we have a lot more to do
Easton - Being 6'5 and trying to fit on a school bus isn't fun
Olivia - Trying to sleep on a school bus on the way back from road games

Biggest thrill in your managing career so far
Dante - The triple overtime game at Barnesville this year
Easton - The Crosby-Ironton and Pequot Lakes trip two years ago where we won two close games
Olivia - All the close games

Do you have a pre-game routine –
Dante, Easton and Olivia - We get to pick what we want to do since we are seniors.

Favorite sport  -
Dante - Baseball
Easton - Hockey
Olivia - Football

Favorite gym –
Dante - Wadena-Deer Creek
Easton - Pelican Rapids or Pequot Lakes
Olivia - Crookston High School

Favorite sports team
Dante - Crookston Pirates
Easton - Minnesota Golden Gophers
Olivia - Minnesota Vikings or NDSU Bison

Favorite athlete – 

Dante - Blake Kawlewski
Easton - Johnny Olson
Olivia - I like all the Pirates

Last movie you’ve seen -  
Dante - Logan
Easton - Days and Confused
Olivia - Logan

Favorite TV program –
Dante - Game of Thrones
Easton - How I met your mother
Olivia - Greys Anatomy

Favorite food - 
Dante - Pizza
Easton - Medium rare steak
Olivia - Chinese food

What music are you listening to –
Dante - Everything but country
Easton - Classic Rock
Olivia - Everything

Something about you that people don’t know – 
Dante - Nothing I can think of
Easton - I ate 36 full size pancakes in one setting (I didn't eat for three days after)
Olivia - I plan on being an elementary teacher

Your stranded on a deserted island and you can have ANY three people with you –
Dante - Easton Meyer, Ethan Stroot and Joe Rocha
Easton - Dante Norris, Joe Rocha and Jake Widseth
Olivia - My brother, McDreamy (from Grey's Anatomy), and John Snow from Game of Thrones

Plans after graduation
Dante - Go to NDSU for computer science
Easton - Go to Lake Region State College for Precision Ag
Olivia - Go to NDSU for teaching/child development

Family -

Dante -
Grandparents -
Michael and Ann Pahlen

Parents -
John and Siri
Brothers- Elliot (33 and a farmer)
                  Evan (25 and a farmer)
Sisters -  Emily (30 and a teacher at Washington School)

Olivia -
Parents - Michael and Victoria
Brother - Brody (Coaches Pirate football and youth wrestling)
Sister - Ava (Sophomore at CHS)





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