Instant Alert Plus Enrollment Instructions

Instant Alert Plus is a web-based emergency communication service. Itís simply the quickest and most effective way to reach the most people in the shortest amount of time using as many efficient ways possible.

Internet Enrollment

        To self enroll please go to

o   Click on sign up in the upper left corner and follow the instructions

Non-Internet Enrollment

        Please fill out the form as completely as possible.   (Click here for a form)
        You and/or your family are able to list up to five (5) phone numbers and two (2) email addresses for notification.
        The phone numbers you list need not be from the same household.  If for example you live out of town but would like to receive messages regarding an affected family member who needs assistance; or if you spend winter months in another state and still want to be notified while away, include these numbers on the list.
        If you need to list more than five (5) phone numbers or two (2) email addresses another form will need to be filled out with a different family member or contact name.
        Either mail your form or drop it off at City Hall 124 N. Broadway, Crookston , MN 56716