The Crookston Farmer's Curling league hits the ice every Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. each week.  We have the schedule, standings and results from each week.

Team - Standings through February 7 Record Points
1. Dyna-Gro Seed 8-0 75
2. CHS Ag Services- Todd 6-2 63
3. CVC/Proseed 6-2 62
4. CVC/Peterson Farms Seed 5-3 67
5. Valley Plains Equipment 5-3 63
6. Rongen-Agrimax 5-3 57
7. Bremer Bank 5-3 53
8. West Central Ag Services-Beltrami 4-4 50
9. American Federal Bank 4-4 49
10. Northern Sky Bank/Noah Insurance 4-4 44
11. CHS Ag Services- Coty 3-5 49
12. Titan Machinery 2-6 50
13. Hilleshog - Jeremie Larson 2-6 45
14. Christian Brothers Ford 2-6 45
15. Agrimax - Conati 2-6 31
16. AgCountry 1-7 26


February 15 Schedule 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Sheet 1 West Central Ag Service  vs  Hilleshog Jeremie Larson CHS Ag-Coty  vs  AgCountry
Sheet 2 CVC-Peterson Farms Seed  vs  Bremer Bank   Christian Brothers Ford  vs  Agrimax-Conati  
Sheet 3 Valley Plains Equipment vs American Federal Bank    CVC-Proseed  vs  AgriMax-Rongen
Sheet 4 CHS Ag-Todd  vs  Titan Machinery Dyna-Gro Seed  vs  Northern Sky Bank/Noah Insurance


February 8 Schedule 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Sheet 1 American Federal Bank  vs Hilleshog Jeremie Larson Valley Plains Equipment vs AgriMax-Rongen
Sheet 2 Bremer Bank  vs  Titan Machinery CHS Ag-Todd  vs Northern Sky Bank/Noah Insurance
Sheet 3 West Central Ag Service  vs  AgCountry CHS Ag-Coty  vs  Dyna-Gro Seed
Sheet 4 CVC-Peterson Farms Seed  vs Agrimax-Conati Christian Brothers Ford  vs CVC-Proseed


February 1 Results 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Sheet 1 American Federal Bank-8  vs Hilleshog Jeremie Larson-6 Valley Plains Equipment-7 vs AgriMax-Rongen-5
Sheet 2 Bremer Bank-11  vs  Titan Machinery-5 CHS Ag-Todd-11  vs Northern Sky Bank/Noah Insurance-2
Sheet 3 West Central Ag Service-9  vs  AgCountry-2 CHS Ag-Coty-1  vs  Dyna-Gro Seed-13
Sheet 4 CVC-Peterson Farms Seed-13  vs Agrimax-Conati-2 Christian Brothers Ford-7  vs CVC-Proseed-8



January 25 Results 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Sheet 1 Titan Machinery-10  vs Hilleshog Jeremie Larson-11 CVC-Peterson Farms Seed-10  vs Northern Sky Bank/Noah Insurance-9
Sheet 2 American Federal Bank-6  vs  AgCountry-4 Valley Plains Equipment-5  vs  Dyna-Gro Seed-7
Sheet 3 Bremer Bank-10  vs Agrimax-Conati-8 CHS Ag-Todd-6  vs CVC Proseed-4
Sheet 4 West Central Ag Service-8  vs Agrimax-Rongen-2 CHS Ag-Coty-9  vs  Christian Brothers Ford-5


January 18 Results 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Sheet 1 Ag Country-7  vs Hilleshog Jeremie Larson-5 West Central Ag  vs  Dyna-Gro Seed
Sheet 2 Titan Machinery-2  vs  Agrimax-Conati-8 CVC/Peterson Farms Seed-5  vs  CVC/Proceed-9
Sheet 3 American Federal Bank-4  vs  Agrimax-Rongen-8 Valley Plains Equipment-14  vs  Christian Brothers Ford-2
Sheet 4 Bremer Bank-7  vs  Northern Sky Bank/Noah Insurance-0 CHS Ag-Todd-7  vs  CHS Ag-Coty-6


January 11 Results 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Sheet 1 Conati-Agrimax-6 vs Hilleshog Jeremie Larson-3 Bremer Bank-1 vs CVC Proseed-14
Sheet 2 Ag Country-6 vs Rongen-Agrimax-7 West Central Ag-8 vs Christian Brothers Ford-6
Sheet 3 Titan Machinery-7 vs Northern Sky Bank/Noah Insurance-8 CVC Peterson Farms Seed-7 vs CHS Ag-Coty-6
Sheet 4 American Federal Bank-8 vs Dyna-Gro Seed-12 Valley Plains Equipment-7 vs CHS Ag-Todd-5


January 4 Results 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Sheet 1 Rongen-Agrimax-11 vs Hilleshog Jeremie Larson-6 American Federal Bank-4 vs Christian Brothers Ford-9
Sheet 2 Conati AgriMax-3 vs Northern Sky Bank/Noah Insurance-5 Bremer Bank-4 vs CHS-Coty-8
Sheet 3 Ag Country-2 vs Dyna-Gro Seed-10 West Central Ag-3 vs CHS - Todd-12
Sheet 4 Titan Machinery-6 vs CVC Proseed-10 CVC Peterson Farm Seed-6 vs Valley Plains Equipment-8

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