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The Radio-Television News Directors Association announced that KROXAM.COM is a 2005 regional winner of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in electronic journalism. We won Best Website for Region Four which includes Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. We also won in 2004 and hope to win again this coming year.

KROXAM.COM has won the Associated Press Best media website award two of the last three years (2003 and 2005).

The Crookston High School yearbook, The Optimist, had KROXAM.COM listed as one of their favorite websites for the Freshman - Senior class.  We were the only media website listed as a favorite website.  Others were Google, Hotmail, Ebay.

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Information about the award winning KROXAM.COM - 

KROXAM.COM is currently in its sixth year of providing information to Crookston and the surrounding area.  The amount of people that have checked into KROXAM.COM have dramatically increased over the past several years.  This summer was the most popular summer KROXAM.COM has had hit wise and we expect that to carry over into the school year.  We have each of our pages and what each page contains listed below.  When you buy advertising on KROXAM.COM you get a banner on the page(s) of your choice.  We take that banner, which could be your logo, and link it to your businesses website.  People can go directly to your website by clicking on your logo.  

INDEX PAGE (The Front Page)- 
This is the first page our website visitor see.  On this page you can navigate to the different pages, such as the News, Sports and Weather pages, etc.

Our Sports page has become the first place people go to for Pirate and UMC sports.  We have the stories, pictures, stats and more from each and every game.  We update the website that day or night of the game.

A weekly column written by the Most Respected Sportscaster in the area, Frank Fee.  It has the latest information on CHS, UMC and area sports.  It is the column that everybody in Northwest Minnesota reads to keep up to date on area sports news.  The column always stirs up the water cooler talk.

The News page is updated every morning and several more times throughout the day.  The news is compiled by KROX Radio's Mary Ann Simmons.  The news page is the first place people check for local news.  When we get breaking news we have it on the website right after we read it on the radio.  We update the news site many times a day and have many pictures to tell help tell the story not just to fill space. 

The Swap Shop page is from our popular Buy-Sell and Trade program heard weekday mornings at 9:00 to 9:30 a.m.  People can list items to buy, sell or trade items and we now have every item on our website.  This has become a very popular page for people in Northwest Minnesota and we have even had people from as far from the state of Washington selling items.

We have a ten day forecast for Crookston and the surrounding area along with radar for Northwest Minnesota.  We also have statistical weather information for Crookston for the day, such as the record hi/low temp, yesterday's hi/low temp along with the sunrise and sunset times.

The Bulletin Board page lists various activities, meetings and happenings in and around Crookston.  We read them on the air many times throughout the day and also have them listed on our website.  In the event of cancellations or postponements from storms or rainy weather we post all weather related announcements we receive on the Bulletin Board page.  When stormy weather hits we get a lot of hits on this page.

We pick a CHS or UMC student/athlete once a week in the fall through spring sports season as the KROXAM.COM athlete of the week.  We have information about the student/athlete, we also ask the selected student/athlete various questions such as the following.  Favorite TV show, what three people they would want with them if they were stranded on an island, something people might not know about them.

This is an entertaining news and notes column.  Mary Ann has a little bit of everything from interesting news items to jokes.

This is where we post all of the obituaries that we receive at KROX Radio.  We leave the obits on for a week.

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