To get something on the Lost and Found list - email or call 281-1140.

FOUND 5/4/15
A gray and white rabbit was found down in the Woods Addition on Spendley St.  This rabbit has long gray ears and a very short fluffy tail and appears to be someone's pet.  It does have a collar.  If this is your rabbit or have further information, please contact the Humane Society at 281-7225

FOUND 4/29/15
Found garage door opener in the cross-walk of the intersection of Main Street and West Robert. If yours claim by call to KROX

FOUND 4/27/15
Golden retriever. Found northwest of Euclid. Call 218-289-0523 if yours. 

LOST 4/27/15
Lost cell phone. It was lost near the U-Haul and Napa. If found please call 218-686-5020

LOST 4/25/15
A brown Cockapoo with a tuxedo chest and a pink collar.  Was last seen on Thursday afternoon five miles south of Warren by County Road 15.  If found, call 218-242-6022.

LOST 4/24/15
A black, longer haired Newfoundland dog went missing last night (4/23). His name is Zeus, he is wearing a camouflage collar with an orange ring hanging off of it. Was last seen on County Rd 1 (Plummer, RLF). Went missing on that road about six miles out of Red Lake Falls. Call 218-253-2305 if found.

LOST 4/20/15
A Beagle ran off this morning in the Carmen Addition.  The dog doesn't have a collar or tags.  Call 289-6787.

LOST 4/10/15
A set of keys with a National Guard key chain and two keys.  A truck and locker key.  Call 289-7947.

FOUND 4/7/15
New Jersey Nets stocking cap. Gray/black. Found a few miles outside of Crookston on Highway 2. If yours, call 281-1872

LOST 4/7/15
Lime green bike helmet. If found, call 281-1872

LOST 3/17/15
A silver-colored ring with a floral setting, possibly at the downtown AT&T or Hugo’s.  If anyone finds it, please call 289-2485 or 281-5728. It has sentimental value.

LOST 3/15/15
A Black wallet with silver/glittery dots all over was lost near Wal-Mart/Dollar Tree 3-15. ID with the name "Carrie"  is in it. if found PLEASE call 218-521-0916

LOST 3/11/15
A hitch for a portable fish house with a mounted milk create. Between Crookston and Climax  If found please call Jake at 218-289-5446..

LOST 3/9/15
A Crookston letterman’s jacket with the name Naomi is on the left side of chest. 2015 on the shoulder and LEO club patch on chest. If found please call Naomi at 218-280-4301.

LOST 2/11/15
A set of four keys on is Winnie the Pooh. If found please call 280-2552.

FOUND 2/1/15
An SD memory card was found in a parking lot next to the Crookston American Legion on Sunday night. claim by calling 289-0979.

LOST/ FOUND 1/30/15
Friday night at the gala for girls a black jacket with white polka dots, size 5/6 was taken and a size 7/8 was left. Please call 218-281-6205 to exchange


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