To get something on the Lost and Found list - email or call 281-1140.

Found:  11/14/18
A neutered black cat, 2 to 5 months old, 5 miles south of Warren along hwy 75. Call or text 218-371-7200

Lost:  11/13/18
Orange Echo leaf blower, somewhere between the fire hall and the Woods Addition. If found, please call 280-4722 or 289-2131

Found:  11/7/18
Someone turned in a key fob for a Hyundai to the Crookston Police Department. The fob was found in the Summerfield Apartment (Barrette St/St Mary’s Dr) parking lot. Can be claimed at the Police Department.

Found:  11/5/18
A men’s wedding band was found on the floor of the Tax Payer Service Center in Crookston.  It can be claimed at the Administrator’s Office at 612 N Broadwa

Found: 10/30/18
A dog that is primarily white with black ears and a black spot wearing a black collar with no tags that appears to be a pit bull mix and is under one year old was found near 5th and Sunflower in the alley. If this is your dog please call 218-289-6702.

Found: 10/26/18
A cat has wandered onto a farm 5 miles Northeast of Gentilly, between Red Lake Falls and Gentilly.  Cat is mostly gray with some white spots.  Very friendly.  If this is your cat call 218-289-7271.

Found: 10/04/18
Two dogs one chocolate lab pointer cross one healer black lab cross with white spot on chest white paws no collars found by bypass on highway 2 east of Crookston if these are your dogs you can call the Crookston Humane Society 218-281-7225

Found: 9/25/18

A pair of prescription glasses were found on North Front Street in Crookston. If you have lost a pair, you can claim them at the KROX studios at 208 South Main in Crookston.

Lost : 9/18/18
Black Samsung mini s4 with Black with green edging case  on Alexander Ave. near Fisher if found please turn in to KROX at 208 south main street.

Lost : 9/7/18
Lost remote Control airplane on highway 2 between Crookston and Fisher in a large green case about 5ft long and 2 ft wide if found please call 218-280-0902

Lost : 9/7/18
A male tiger striped long hair with white chest and paws that answers to Bruce has strayed away from his home on Cedar Lane in Crookston. If you’ve seen this cat, please call 470-0278.

Found : 9/4/18
A cat has been hanging out in a yard 6 miles west of Crookston for the last month or so, gray/black tabby with white chin & chest. Text 280-8697

Found : 8/28/18
A insulin kit was found at the intersection of Holly and Spendley in Crookston. You can claim it at the KROX Radio Station located at 208 South Main in Crookston.

Found : 8/24/18

A very friendly male boxer/pug type dog with a green harness was found 1 mile north on County Road 13 near Red Lake Falls. If this your dog please call 218-280-6793 to claim him.

Found : 8/19/18

An Air mattress and large pillow last weekend on County Road 45, west of Mentor. Owner may claim by texting 218-289-2633 or e-mail

Found : 8/18/18

A set of keys was found at the facepainting booth. Identify by calling 218-289-1246

Lost : 8/18/18
Superman lanyard with reversible S, gold wedding ring with 5 diamonds (one is missing) attached, & 5 keys. If found please call 218-280-5828

Found : 8/13/18
Leather motorcycle jacket found on Hwy 2 east of Crookston near Marcoux Corner / 218-280-4605

Lost : 8/10/18

iPad with gray cover, near Groveland Avenue / US 2.   If found please call 218-280-8014.

Found : 8/10/18
A remote starter was found in the Thrifty White Pharmacy parking lot in Crookston. You can claim it at the KROX Studios at 208 South Main in Crookston.

Found : 8/2/18
A golden retriever was found along Hwy 75 about 5 miles south of Crookston. It was with a black lab. Only the retriever is in my yard. If it is yours, please text me at 218-207-9654

Lost : 7/12/18
Two cows one white heifer cow answers to Bonnie Jean  one black bull with horns about 3 miles North East of Gentily no ear tags. If spotted please call 218-891-5650 or 289-0933

Found : 7/9/18
A large, male Redbone Lab-cross dog was found North East of Beltrami Monday night. If you are missing this friendly dog please call 218-289-1227

Found : 7/9/18
An LG Trac Phone was found on Golf Terrace. If you've lost this phone, you can claim it at the KROX Studios at 208 South Main in Crookston.

Found : 7/5/18

A yellow parakeet with a little black on its wings is hanging out in the back yard at 621 Fir Lane in Crookston. If yours, come and get it.

Lost  6/20/18
A cream colored male cat on North Ash Street by the bus garage, one front leg is shorter than the rest and the cat is disabled. If found please call 218-289-5261.

A miniature Doberman named Bruno from 208 State Street. If found please call 218-277-0629 or 218-280-6850.

A checkbook was found outside of the pos office, it was turned into the police station.

A Russian Blue cat with black stripes on his tail. No collar or tags. If seen, please call 218-289-1967

Found : 6/8/18
2 black lab cross dogs, one wearing a green collar and the other an orange collar were found 15 miles northeast of Crookston by 160th St. S.W. and 210 Ave. S.W. If you are missing these dogs, call 218-289-2728.

Found : 5/31/18
 A woman's ring was found at the Crookston Inn. 280-7792

Found: 5/29/18
A set of keys with a remote start were found in the ally by American Family Insurance. If yours, you can claim them at the American Family Insurance office at 108 S. Broadway by identifying what else is on the key ring.

Found: 5/29/18
A set of keys with a remote were found on Central Avenue in Crookston.  You can claim them at the KROX Studio at 208 South Main in Crookston.

Found: 5/26/18
Dog, golden lab or retriever with a black collar.  Found near Gentilly. Call 218-289-4148

Found: 5/9/18
2 sheep, one brown and one white, was found on the porch of a home 6 mile north on Highway 75 and 2 miles west. If you are missing these sheep, call 218-289-1917.

Found: 5/8/18
A silver pendant with a guardian angel on one side and the name Nick #77 was found on the street by the Wesley United Methodist Church in Crookston.  If this sounds like your pendant, you can claim it at the KROX Studios located at 208 South Main Street in Crookston.

Found 5/4/18
A black lab and a small beagle were spotted along Highway 75 about 1½ miles north of Crookston; if they sound like yours, that's where you'll find them.

Lost 5/1/18:
A blue LG slide open cell phone was lost somewhere in Crookston. If found, please call 218-470-1177.

Lost 5/1/18:
A female calico cat wearing a pink collar that answers to Missy was lost in the North Main area of Crookston, north of Taco Johns. If found, please call 218-280-8440.

Found 3/29/18
A set of keys on the bike path along Fisher Avenue, by the High School.  Call & identify at 280-8014 (leave a message if I am not available).

Found 3/22/18
A motorcycle license plate found on Barret Street number 10019MJ if yours please call  289-1041.

Lost:  3/16/18
A very friendly female black Rottweiler wearing an orange collar is missing in the Gentilly area. Pease call 218-289-0933 if found.

Lost:  3/9/18
A 10-week old black Labrador wearing a red collar was last seen at approximately 12 p.m. in Gentilly. The dog responds to his name Diesel. Please call 218-277-0866 if found.

Lost:  3/8/18
Lost Wallet by Hongs Chinese Restaurant in Crookston. It is a brown leather Eddie Bauer clutch. If found please call 218-280-9699

Lost:  3/6/18
A male cat named Carlos, with no collar or tags, and long black and white hair, and polydactyl paws is missing somewhere behind Highland Middle School. Please call 218-289-5055 if found.

Lost:  2/15/18
A pair of prescription glasses in a black case was left at Tips & Toes.  If someone accidently took them please return  to Tips&Toes or call 289-5006

Lost:  1/19/18
A long haired calico cat was lost in the Barrette Street area in Crookston. It answers to “Kitty” and isn’t wearing a collar or tags. If you’ve seen this cat or know it whereabouts, please call 289-7248 or 289-1562.

Found - 1/13/18
A pair of leather gloves along Eichoff Blvd.Call 218-289-2029 and describe them.

Found: 12/28/17
A cell phone was found in the Walmart parking lot. If you are missing a phone, you can claim it by identifying it at the KROX studios at 208 South Main in Crookston.

Found: 12/27/17
A set of keys were found at Altru at 1300 Columbia in Grand Forks. They had a 6” black stick with about 4 or 5 keys on them. One for sure was a car key. They were turned in at the 1300 building in the first office when you walk in the door.

Found: 12/21/17
A black and white, long hair cat, right outside Fertile along HW 32.  Please call 218.945.6658 if you think he is yours.

Found: 12/8/17
Keys loop found at Polk county Transfer Station 12/8/2017 around 2pm. Has key fob, vehicle remote, car key, and library fob. Contact Transfer Station for information, 218-281-5700

Found: 11/29/17
A woman’s ring was found between KROX and the Ken Longtin Agency. Call 281-5725 or 289-0733 to identify the ring and to claim it.

Lost 11/28/17
Blue Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone. If found, please call 281-2953.

Lost 11/6/17

4 year old Siberian Husky went missing 2 miles NE of Crookston. Has Black and White markings with a blue collar and tag. If found please call 218-891-6271 

Found  1101/17
A set of keys in the north end of Crookston, Evergreen Street. You can claim them at American Federal Bank in Crookston.

Give Away  11/01/17
4 year old lab and retriever cross. Very good dog that would do well in the country. Moving, can't take it with. Call 218-280-4497

Found  10/31/17
Pair of eye glasses were found on the side walk by the fire hall. Please call KROX to identify.

Lost 10/17/17
Brown/black tabby cat escaped outside on 10-17-17 from Spendley St in the Woods Addition. Still hasn’t returned. Has a little white on his chest and by his mouth. Had a blue sparkly collar on when he escaped but it might have fallen off. Declawed in front and is overweight. His name is Gus and he’s very friendly. Was strictly an indoor kitty so he might be skittish now. He is not microchipped. Please call or text 218-275-3132 or bring him to the humane society.

Found  10/29/17
A Male cat grey tiger striped yellow eyes front declawed friendly at the Erwin Reitmeier Farm NW of Crookston, call 218 891 4256 or cell 701-793-0831

Found  10/27/17
Two dogs; one is a large black dog and the other is a brown and white beagle. They are at the Jim Doda farm, 5 mile north on Highway 75 and 1 ½ mile east on 252. If these sound like your dogs, call 281-3719.

Found  10/26/17
A ladies black coat was left at the First Presbyterian Church in Red Lake Falls after Dalton Hofius’ funeral on Saturday. You can stop by the church and pick it up.

Lost 10/26/17
A blue heeler dog is missing from about 2 miles East of Crookston on Highway 2. If seen, please call 218-280-0422

Lost 10/25/17
A blue square key ring with four keys that attach to a belt loop was lost in Crookston on Tuesday, October 24th.   If you find these keys, please call 218-470-1177, if no answer, please leave a message.

Lost 10/21/17
A male adult gray cat missing since Saturday October 21, around the area 7 miles west of Crookston. If you have seen him please call 218-891-1007, or bring him in to check his chip.

FOUND 10/17/17
Female cat found roaming around Memorial Dr. brought to humane society  Blue eyes, White paws, white belly, grayish white body with a striped tail looks like a blue point Siamese cat. Extremely friendly, indoor cat. Please claim her or adopt this beautiful cat!!!

FOUND  10/13/17
A male older looking Chocolate Lab wearing a red collar was found on the South end of Crookston by the Irishman's Shanty. If yours please call 218-281-3516

LOST  10/12/17
A set of keys was lost Thursday night, probably at Rejuv. If found, please return to Rejuv.

LOST  10/07/17
A male black long haired Chihuahua with no collar went missing over by thrift white in Crookston late Friday night early Saturday morning. If found please call 218-443-5617

FOUND  10/3/17
Male Full grown part Golden Retriever with no collar was found on South Washington .  If yours please call  and describe 281-1981

FOUND  10/3/17

Fishing rod found in Arby's parking lot in Crookston.  To claim please call and describe. (763) 226-3972

FOUND  10/2/17
A male black long haired Chihuahua was found one mile west of Gentilly. If yours, call 218-289-5588

FOUND 9/28/17

Brown Chihuahua dog on the North Front Street has a collar and tags no color given. If this is yours please call 289-1502

LOST  9/28/17
A 35 mm camera in a case was left at the Crookston High School tennis courts after the match with Thief River Falls on September on Monday, September 18th.  A reward is being offered. Please call 218-689-4266.

LOST  9/28/17
Lost cat. He is a Russian Blue. He's grey with slightly white paws, and he has a striped black tail. If he is found, please contact 417-270-2207

FOUND  9/28/17
A Chrysler Dodge key fob with a key attached was found on County Road 45 north of Eldred. If this sounds like your key, call 281-3484.     

LOST  9/19/17
A missing female cat, black and grey striped, tan under belly and a little white on the face, who answers to Chloe, has been missing since Tuesday, September 19th in the city of Warren. She is 2 years old, weighs 11 pounds and doesn’t have a collar, but she is micro chipped. If you’ve seen this cat, please call 218-400-9009. A $200 reward is being offered.

LOST 9/17/17
Black Boat cover custom fit for a speedboat. Lost on Highway 41 between 102 and Union lake. If found please call 218-289-0401

FOUND  9/5/17
A garage door panel was found near the East Grand Forks MNDOT Shop. To claim, call 218-773-1691.                                          

LOST    9/1/17
A female German short-haired pointer, black with white spots, wearing a pink collar is missing from the Fisher area. 701-741-8636.

FOUND   8/13/17
A Samsung Galaxy S6+ Edge on Barrette St. Claim at the Crookston Police Department.

FOUND   7/31/17
A gray and black striped female cat with a mostly white face who recently has surgery and still has stitches was found on Elm Street in Crookston. It was taken to the Humane Society. You can call  them at 281-7225.

LOST    7/19/17
A stream light LED rechargeable flashlight somewhere on the North end of town while riding bike, engraved with number 10082. 218 277-9909

GIVE AWAY   7/17/07
Long haired 3 year old black male cat. It has brown markings and green eyes. We are moving and can not take it with us.  Call Mary at 218-93-9117

FOUND    7/17/07
A pair of black glasses were found in the grass at a Rummage Sale on 2nd Avenue N.E. in Crookston on either Thursday or Friday. If these are yours, you can claim them at the KROX Studios at 208 South Main in Crookston.

FOUND   7/15/07

LG Cell Phone found on the frontage road by Hugo's and Biermaier Chiropractic Clinic.  Call 218-289-0423 if it is yours.

FOUND  7/12/2017
A male dog, kind of looks like a German Shepherd mix, blondish tan color, was found five miles east of Crookston off of Highway 2. If this sounds like your dog, call 280-8825

LOST  7/10/17
MISSING cat last seen Wednesday 7-5-17  morning around McKinley Blvd/ Fairfax Ave in Crookston, before he ran out in the dark. Friendly and responds to the name Jinx. If anyone has seen please give me a p.m. or a text at (701)741-6991.

FOUND 7/7/17
Transit Bar for Boat Motor found on Hwy 2 Bypass Road.

FOUND 7/5/17
A black dog and a brown dog are hanging around at the county landfill near Gentilly, one is dragging a chain. If yours, please come and get them.

LOST  6/20/17
A gray & white cat is missing in the area near the Transfer Station in Crookston. The name is "Shy". 289-1949.

FOUND 6/15/17
A beach ball was found on Barrette St after the wind storm. If it is yours, claim it by identifying it at the KROX radio station studios at 208 S Main

LOST  6/5/17
Red car ramps came off a red car trailer Monday, June 5 somewhere between Titan Machinery and Fosston, taking Fairfax Avenue to Highway 2 East.  $100 reward. 763-244-7636.

LOST 5/19/17
An orange Stihl chainsaw was lost somewhere between Hwy 46 in Gentilly and 11 in Crookston. The gentleman was driving into town so he thinks it will be in that vicinity. If found, please call 701-630-2024

LOST 4/21/17
Lost female black and white cat, last seen over by highland school, $300 reward for her return. She is declawed in front and friendly. Any information is appreciated. Call or text 218 280 4175.

FOUND 4/20/17
Tackle box on the Point in Red Lake Falls, to claim call 218-253-2314 or 218-689-2714

FOUND 4/14/17
Black wrist guard in front of auto value. At KROX studios for pick up.

FOUND 4/12/17
Bag for the back of a Toro push mower , found along Highway 2 on the north end near RBJ’s. Please contact ODC at  281-3326.

FOUND 4/9/17
A brown dog in the Stuart & Peasant Avenue area.


FOUND 04/04/17
Lost cell phone found on Central Avenue. Call 281-5942 if you lost it and can identify it

LOST 03/28/17
Brown dog with a white chest ran away near Highland Elementary School. Should have a camouflage collar and a choker chain on, 218-280-9330 or 218-281-5480

FOUND 03/28/17
Black and white Springer spaniel mix was found on highway 102 south of Crookston. It is at the Humane Society of Polk County. It has a collar and ID tag that you will need to identify if this is your dog. Call 218-281-7225.

LOST 03/25/17
Husky wandering a mile south of Crookston, call 891-3321

LOST 03/25/17
2, 1 year old Rottweiler puppies with orange collars wandered away from home around Gently. One answers to Roxy one answers to Little Bit. If found please call 218-891-5650

LOST 03/19/17

A basketball hoop was taken from next to a sidewalk on Central Avenue North. They would like it returned, please call with any information: 289-0139

FOUND 03/21/17
20” girls Mongoose brand bicycle found on Memorial Drive, call 281-6841

LOST 03/18/17

A silver case with darts were left at the Crookston Inn during the dart tournament March 18. Please contact April at 218-275-3246

LOST 03/16/17
A male small black shaggy dog with a light brown collar with walking leash still attached got away from its owner by the transfer station. It doesn't have a tag on the collar. If found please call 281-3472.

FOUND 03/10/17
A leather Capital jacket was found on Fairfax Ave in Crookston by the storage shed. You can claim it at KROX.

LOST 03/3/17
A walker fell out of a vehicle between Walmart and Gentilly. If you've seen this walker, please call 687-6023

FOUND 02/28/17
A yellow lab has been seen running around in the Woods Addition in Crookston; if yours, that's where you'll find him.

LOST 02/27/17
A St. Christopher's metal. I can describe what is written on the back. Reward. 218.289.7234

FOUND 02/27/17
2 brown and white dogs were found east of Crookston. One is a female, one is a male and they don't have collars or tags. If these sound like your dogs, call 281-2557

LOST 02/27/17
Long haired, mostly white with some black, cat, missing from just east of Highland Elementary School, goes by Stanley. Please call 218-289-0544 if seen or found.

FOUND 02/06/17
A men’s black band ring was found at the Altru Clinic in Crookston. If this sounds like your ring, call 281-9172.


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