To get something on the Lost and Found list - email or call 281-1140.

LOST 4/21/17
Lost female black and white cat, last seen over by highland school, $300 reward for her return. She is declawed in front and friendly. Any information is appreciated. Call or text 218 280 4175.

FOUND 4/20/17
Tackle box on the Point in Red Lake Falls, to claim call 218-253-2314 or 218-689-2714

FOUND 4/14/17
Black wrist guard in front of auto value. At KROX studios for pick up.

FOUND 4/12/17
Bag for the back of a Toro push mower , found along Highway 2 on the north end near RBJís. Please contact ODC at  281-3326.

FOUND 4/9/17
A brown dog in the Stuart & Peasant Avenue area.


FOUND 04/04/17
Lost cell phone found on Central Avenue. Call 281-5942 if you lost it and can identify it

LOST 03/28/17
Brown dog with a white chest ran away near Highland Elementary School. Should have a camouflage collar and a choker chain on, 218-280-9330 or 218-281-5480

FOUND 03/28/17
Black and white Springer spaniel mix was found on highway 102 south of Crookston. It is at the Humane Society of Polk County. It has a collar and ID tag that you will need to identify if this is your dog. Call 218-281-7225.

LOST 03/25/17
Husky wandering a mile south of Crookston, call 891-3321

LOST 03/25/17
2, 1 year old Rottweiler puppies with orange collars wandered away from home around Gently. One answers to Roxy one answers to Little Bit. If found please call 218-891-5650

LOST 03/19/17

A basketball hoop was taken from next to a sidewalk on Central Avenue North. They would like it returned, please call with any information: 289-0139

FOUND 03/21/17
20Ē girls Mongoose brand bicycle found on Memorial Drive, call 281-6841

LOST 03/18/17

A silver case with darts were left at the Crookston Inn during the dart tournament March 18. Please contact April at 218-275-3246

LOST 03/16/17
A male small black shaggy dog with a light brown collar with walking leash still attached got away from its owner by the transfer station. It doesn't have a tag on the collar. If found please call 281-3472.

FOUND 03/10/17
A leather Capital jacket was found on Fairfax Ave in Crookston by the storage shed. You can claim it at KROX.

LOST 03/3/17
A walker fell out of a vehicle between Walmart and Gentilly. If you've seen this walker, please call 687-6023

FOUND 02/28/17
A yellow lab has been seen running around in the Woods Addition in Crookston; if yours, that's where you'll find him.

LOST 02/27/17
A St. Christopher's metal. I can describe what is written on the back. Reward. 218.289.7234

FOUND 02/27/17
2 brown and white dogs were found east of Crookston. One is a female, one is a male and they don't have collars or tags. If these sound like your dogs, call 281-2557

LOST 02/27/17
Long haired, mostly white with some black, cat, missing from just east of Highland Elementary School, goes by Stanley. Please call 218-289-0544 if seen or found.

FOUND 02/06/17
A menís black band ring was found at the Altru Clinic in Crookston. If this sounds like your ring, call 281-9172.


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