Ruben Resendiz enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in March of 1990 carrying on the family tradition of his father, brother and uncles service to our country.  He completed his Basic Training in San Diego CA and Camp Pendleton in June 1990.
After Basic Training he went to Tennessee for helicopter mechanic training on the CH-53.  He returned to Tustin, CA to finish his MOS training and was stationed there until 1995 with the Squadron HMT-302, a training squadron for pilots.  Ruben served as a hydraulic mechanic on the CH-53 nicknamed the “Sea Stallion.”
Ruben continued his training and service in various other locations in neighboring states.  He left the U.S. Marine Corps in 1995 with the rank of Corporal.
In 1998, Ruben joined the Minnesota National Guard as a Specialist as a mechanic on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle with B Co 2/136.  He attended further MOS schooling at Camp Shelby in Mississippi and Camp Roberts in California.
B Co. 2/136, as part of the Minnesota-based 1st Brigade of the 34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division, was mobilized in September 2005, with a six-month train-up in Camp Shelby, Mississippi.  The Red Bulls were scheduled for a 12-month deployment into Iraq but was extended by 120 days during the troop surge. Ruben was stationed at Camp Fallujah and Camp Taqaddum Iraq until June 2007.  He returned home to B-Co 2/136 in Crookston but transferred to Alpha Co. in Detroit Lakes promoted to E-6.  3 years later, Ruben transferred back to B Co. 2/136 in Crookston promoted to E-7 SFC as Motor SGT until his retirement in March 2014.
When asked to share an interesting story Ruben stated: ”I got to fly in a CH-53 A/D helicopters in the Marine Corps in multiple trips to Arizona from California for various trainings.”
As for his time in the Army National Guard he commented: ”Army life led me to serve in Iraq for an amount of time that made Minnesota history.  I was part of the recovery mission to bring back the overturned Bradley in Fallujah.”
A life lesson that he shared: “The bond you create with people is unbreakable.  I keep in touch with the friends I made in the Marine Corps and the Army National Guard.  Also, being in the military gave me a different outlook on life.  It expanded my view and made me a part of something bigger than myself.”

Ruben is married to Dawn Resendiz and they have two children: Kennedy and Karly. Ruben’s mother is Cristine. His father Lauro Resendiz, (deceased) served in the Army; Ruben’s brother Rick, served in the Marines, his Uncle Humbert, served in the Marines, and his Uncles Gilbert and Oscar both served in the Navy.

Military Awards and Distinctions:
Combat Action Badge, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon, Navy Unit Commendation, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal


Paula Lundgren
was inducted into the Air Force on December 15, 1976 at Indianapolis, IN. When asked why she chose the Air Force, she stated, “My dad and my two brothers were already in the military and I had no idea what I wanted to do and I needed a job.” Around this time Paula was upset with her boyfriend and that was the push for her to join. She completed Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas on February of 1977.
Paula completed Air Traffic Control Radar Repairman technical school in November 1977 at Keesler AFB, MS and was stationed there until February 1980. She then served at Wiesbaden Air Base, Germany until March 1982 and at Altus AFB, OK until September 1982 when she was discharged from the Air Force and moved to Tacoma, WA.
Paula reenlisted in the Air Force on December 15, 1982 and was stationed at Vandenberg AFB, CA until October 1986. From there she was stationed at Incirlik AB, Turkey until October 1988. She met and married her husband, Mike, while stationed in Turkey. Her next assignment was at George AFB, CA until May 1991. While stationed at George AFB, Paula cross-trained into the Disaster Preparedness career field and was deployed to Desert Shield/Desert Storm. She was then stationed at Spangdahlem AB, Germany until June 1994 at which time she transferred to Grand Forks AFB, ND 
Paula was asked if she would like to share any life lessons about her service years, she stated, “People are people all over the world - the government of countries is not a true representation of all people.” She also added, “You can’t run from God- You can find him no matter where in the world you are.”
Paula and Mike are parents to daughter Ashley, sons’ Aaran and David and grandchildren Bryce and Avyn. She has three brothers, one sister and two half/brothers.
Paula continued her successful military career at the Grand Forks Air Base until her official retirement date of March 31, 1997.  
Paula continues to serve the military as a VA Social Worker in Grand Forks, ND.

Military Awards and Distinctions: 
Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal, Air Force Commendations Medal with 1 device, Air Force Training Ribbon, Southwest  Asia Service Medal with 2 devices, Air Force Overseas Short Tour Ribbon with 1 device, Air Force Overseas Long Tour Ribbon with 1 device, National Defense Service  Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Award with 3 devices, Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon/Rifle, NCO Professional Military Education Ribbon with 1 device, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal from Saudi Arabian Gov’t, Air Force Outstanding Unit award with 5 devices,  and last but not  least the Air Force Good Conduct Medal with 4 devices.




Michael Lundgren was inducted into the United States Air Force on September 26, 1985 at Air Force Recruiter Office at Everett, Washington. 
Michael, when asked what made you choose the military -- he stated, “I liked history a lot in school which sparked a desire to see more of the world and the military afforded me an opportunity to do just that.   “My dad owned a cabinet shop and I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life.”
He completed his Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas on November 8, 1985. After 6 weeks of basic training and an additional 6 weeks of Medical Logistics Management School at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas, he was given his first assignment. His original tour of duty was for one year at Incirlik, Turkey. After that one year, he was given the choice of going to Elgin Air Force Base in Florida, which was turned down and he elected to stay for 2 more years in Turkey. Michael said, “I was glad to stay as I met and married my wife, Paula.”
“Now here is the rest of the story of what happened in Incirlik, Turkey. Michael met Paula at a singles group at the Air Base.  In September, Michael “house sat” for Paula, who lived in base housing as it was air conditioned and his apartment off base was not.  Paula went off to her brother’s wedding in England. At the end of September, Paula had him over for dinner with her and the two kids.  He showed up with flowers, played with the kids and they started seeing each other almost daily.  Michael proposed on October 17 and they were legally married by the Turkish Mayor, on November 27 and they had a chapel wedding later on Dec., 5th. Michael had said to Paula that she put pictures of the kids and herself around the house to “reel me in.” 
Originally, Michael served from Sept 26, 1985 to October 26, 1989 with four years of Inactive Reserve status yet to fulfill.  Michael explained, “My wife was still active duty and was deployed to Bahrain in August of 1990. She was told they would be there 30-60 days.’’  Michael was at home at George Air Base Victorville, California with their three children, ages 2-8. In January of 1991 the government sent a Western Union Telegram saying he was reactivated and needed to report to Lackland Air Force Base by the first of February.  Michael served 50 days at Lackland Air Base during Desert Storm.
Michael was discharged from George Air Force Base, CA at the rank of Senior Airman, on March 26, 1991.
Michael shared some life lessons about his time in service. “When visiting other countries, get involved as much as possible with the locals. Get to know them well. Don’t become isolated but get out and explore. Be adventurous!
Family members include his wife Paula, daughter Ashley, sons Aaron and David; grandchildren Bryce and Avyn

Military Awards and Distinctions:
Air Force Achievement Medal, Air Force Good Conduct Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award   



Darrell (DJ) M. Johnson volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army after being asked by a Recruiter who visited with him at the gas station where he worked at the time.
Darrell entered the U.S. Army in Fargo, ND on January 29, 1969.  He completed his Basic Training and AIT at Fort Lewis, Washington on June 10, 1969.  He recalled that the weather was cold and wet.  His AIT (Advanced Individual Training) was in Infantry and Mortars.
On July 13, 1969 Darrell arrived in Vietnam and served with Charlie Company – C Co 1/502, 101st Airborne Division.  They were in the field right away and Darrell walked point (first man out-leading the troops).  He stated: “The smaller guys were in front and the larger guys followed carrying the gear.”  This lasted for approximately 4 months.  At that time, since Darrell had training in mortars, he filled an opening in the Mortar Platoon with “Echo Company” E Co 1/502, 101st Airborne. 
Darrell transferred to Bravo Company, B Co 3/506 and walked point again.  On Mothers’ Day in 1970, his unit was sent to Cambodia for 2 weeks.  An article in the VFW magazine dated May 2007, stated: “Though little known, one 101st unit also participated in the 1970 Cambodian campaign.  A small task force of the 3rd Bn., 506th Inf., fought in the Pek Drang area for two weeks in May.  On May 10 and 11, B Company waged a pitched battle, losing 8 KIA (Killed in Action) and 28 WIA (Wounded in Action).   The 3rd Battalion (“Stand Alone”) operated on detached status for more than 2 ½ years.  It was the first 101st unit to leave Vietnam on May 17, 1971.”
He shared that there were only 3 remaining in Squadron after Cambodia.  He also shared that the helicopters carried the wounded out at night and the fallen were carried out the next morning.
Darrell was discharged with the rank of Specialist 4 (E-4) on December 3, 1970 at Fort Lewis, WA where he was stationed for 5 months.
One interesting story that he shared was how expensive Tokyo Japan was on his 1 week R&R.
He stated that his 2nd R&R was in Bangkok Thailand for one week and was more enjoyable because it was less expensive.
The other story he shared was during repelling from a helicopter training at 150 feet, it was scary at first but standing on deck and saying “no”, he was “helped out” by his Sergeant. After the first time, he decided he wanted to do it again.
Darrell stated one life lesson was:  “If I had to do it over again, I would …”
Darrell’s family includes his wife Peggy, children Charlie Johnson and Tara, Shannon Porter and Bruce, granddaughters Johnna Porter and Hellanna Gustinson.

Military Awards and Distinctions:
Combat Infantry Badge, Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Combat Medal, Bronze Star


Louis George Biermaier volunteered, along with three other friends, to serve in the U.S. Army on April 19, 1955.  He completed Basic Training and AIT at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri in September, 1955.
From Basic Training, Louis served in Baumholder, Germany.  Baumholder was the largest camp in Germany at the time and was known as “Little Korea”.  All his service in the U.S. Army was during peace time.
Louis was discharged from the military on April 5, 1957 at Fort Sheridan, Illinois with the rank of Specialist 3rd Class / E 3.
When asked of any interesting stories about your time in the service, Louis shared that he was a member of the 293rd Construction Engineers. He spent his time operating heavy equipment and building tank trails.  He had the opportunity of being the Company Commander’s Chauffeur for a few months.  He was in charge of the barracks the last few months and “stood” all Saturday morning inspections alone.
In the fall of 1956, the entire camp was on alert as the Russians invaded Budapest, Austria.  On Camp Baumholder, there were 7 of the 15 M65 280mm Motorized Heavy Guns that were located in Europe.  These guns were also known as “Atomic Cannons.”
Louis stated: “The military was a good experience in many ways and believes everyone would benefit from serving our country.”
Louis was married to LaVerne (deceased) and they had 5 children:  George (Rhonda), Steve (Jana), Mary (Gary), Paul (Karen), Mike (Rhonda) with 15 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.
Louis is currently married to Pat Biermaier and step-children John (Jodi), Mark, Jim (Angela), and Ken (Trish) became part of the Biermaier family along with 7 more step-grandchildren.
The community of Crookston extends a sincere “Thank You for Your Service” to our country and our community. 

Military Awards:
Sharpshooter and Good Conduct Medal