Wednesday, January 17,  2018


Where in the world do I start?????   WOW......I mean WOW.   Every single Viking fan was done....we were saying "I knew it," we should have known we shouldn't have been excited because they were going to let us down.  In a split second, it went from depression to exhilaration, disbelief, shock, celebration, etc.  This is why I LOVE sports.  You NEVER know what is going to happen and it can bring an entire state/region together with one play!!!  Nothing else can do that (unfortunately other than terroristic attacks - on the national scene).  There is so much to talk about and it has all been said, so I won't waste your time with my thoughts, but I do know this.  I want the Vikings to win at Philadelphia, but if they don't.....I wont' be as bummed anymore.  The Vikings have given us something that we will NEVER forget and we will talk about the rest of our lives.  And that my what sports is all about.

And to those of you that broke stuff, swore like a drunken sailor, cried, etc.  Just is only a isn't worth a heart attack!!!!!

Some Vikings notes of interest -

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Nick Foles to the Rams for Sam Bradford. 
Foles lost his job in St. Louis and Case Keenum took over.
Eagles Draft Carson Wentz and trade Sam Bradford to the Vikings.
Vikings sign Keenum, who replaced the injured Bradford.
Foles returns to Phlidelphia and replaces the injured Wentz
Foles vs Keenum this weekend!!!!  


We told you in 2017 that the Minnesota Boys Hockey Coaches Association was looking to increase games and the length of the hockey season in boys high school hockey.  The Minnesota State High School League didn’t seem to be fond of the idea and now the people involved are trying to make it a STATE LAW!!!!!!   You can’t make this up!!!!  
They can do what they want, but is two extra games going to keep top talent in high school?  Heck no!  So why are they wasting time with this baloney?  Because the coaches can't admit their product isn't number one for top players in the state?  That is about the only thing I can think of, or they are out of touch with reality and think it will actually work.  Plus they don't give a damn about football or soccer.

Anyway....enough of what I think, back to the facts -

There are two options on the table –
1. To expand the high school season two weeks (at the start of the season – into section football and soccer playoffs)
2. To increase the length of periods to 20 minutes (an addition of 3 minutes per period, like college and the pros)
As we reported earlier in the column, the coaches were looking to add two games to the schedule, along with the extra two weeks.

Now Sen. Karin Housley, (R-St. Mary’s Point) – yes Phil Housley’s wife!!!, authored a bill that is requesting 20-minute periods and up to six exhibition games per season.  The exhibition games wouldn’t be controlled by the MSHSL and would be under the control of the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission.
Minnesota Girls’ Hockey Coaches Association President Jessica Christopherson said her group wants nothing to do with it and opted out of the legislation.
You might remember that the MSHSL increased games from 22 to 25 in 2003? And they expanded the periods from 15 to 17 minutes in length.


The Crookston Pirate Boys Basketball team is officially halfway through their season with a record of 6-7.  Four of the losses, were close and the Pirates could easily be 10-3 on the year with losses to the top three teams in the section, Perham (ranked in top 10 in the state), Breckenridge and Hawley. 
The Pirates have shown glimpses of being a pretty good team and they have also shown glimpses of not being a good team.  The formula for the boys comes down to energy.  When they play with a little emotion, they play well.  When they go through the motions, they struggle.
Everybody in the section knows Crookston relies on the three pointer.  If the boys are making their shots, they are going to be in good shape.  If they only make one of their 18 first half three pointers in the first half, like they did at Roseau, they will be in trouble.  If the boys can start cutting to the basket (with or without the ball) and looking for more points in the paint, they will realize more success.
Carter Winand is having a great senior season.  The 6’4 senior is a tough matchup for most teams.  He can handle the ball, post up and drives better than most 6’4 kids.  If you put a post on him, he will drive.  If you put a shorter guard on him, he will post him up.  It is nice to see a player that is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
Todd Boerger has been another offensive leader for the Pirates.  He has had some big scoring games and when he is hitting his shots, he is dangerous. He can drive or shoot and when Carter and Todd or rolling, the Pirates are tough. 
The rest of the Pirate starting five has been hit or miss.  The three juniors, Nick Garmen, Jaden Lubarski and Blake Fee have had some nice games, but they have also struggled too.  Nick has been more consistent, lately and that is nice to see.  If the three juniors can get their game going consistently in the second half of the season the Pirates could rattle off 10 wins or more in the final 13.  The good news, a lot of the games will be at home.
One highlight for me, has been the development of Caden Osborn, a 6’2 sophomore post.  He continues to get stronger each game and is helping the Pirates.  Walker Winjum has also come in and played some pretty good defense and Jackson Seibel has done some nice things and if he can find his shot, he could be a huge boost for the Pirates in the final 13 games.
After Perham, Breckenridge and Hawley, the section is wide open, so the second half of the season will be fun to watch everybody beat each other.


The Crookston Pirate Girls Basketball team has had a great start to 2018.
It looks like Bailey Folkers and Emman Borowicz have found their stride and have been more consistent since the turn of the calendar.  It is no secret.  For Crookston to have a strong finish to the year, they need their two returning scoring leaders to continue their play like they have the past four games.  5’11 junior post, Rachel Hefta, continues to improve and has given the Pirates a big boost in the post, both offensively and defensively.  Kiley Solheim has been another player that has played stronger the past three games.  She has been solid offensively and defensively and take away a few travels, she has played outstanding.
The key to the Pirate second half of the season comes from the rest of the girls.  Crookston plays 9 or 10 every game and when the players come off the bench they have to give everything they have and not have a drop off on both sides of the floor.  Hayden Winjum has been getting stronger each game, which is expected for an eighth grader.  Hailey Seaver, who missed the first part of the season with a concussion that she suffered in volleyball, has been getting stronger each game and gives the Pirates another athletic post player.
Jaden Lizakowski will be an important piece of the puzzle for the Pirates down the stretch.  She is probably the best shooter on the Pirate team and is one of two seniors on the team.  She will need to step up as the season winds down and have some big games for the Pirates. 
The one thing I have noticed with the girls is they don’t seem to have their feet set when they catch the ball, which has led to a lot of turnovers or shots that miss badly.  If the girls can start getting their feet set and be ready to shoot, pass or drive when they catch the ball, they will improve even more the rest of the season.  They have some winnable games the rest of the way and they need to win some games because they don’t want to have to travel to East Grand Forks, Hawley, or Roseau in the first round.  If they finish strong, they could possibly get a home playoff game and I know top six teams in the north, ARE NOT AFRAID of playing anybody in the south in the second round.  The North is by far the better of the sub-sections (Barnesville – the top team in the south would be the fourth team in the North as of Friday, and they lost to the #6 team in the south Crookston earlier)
It will be a fun second half of the season and the sky is the limit for the girls.


The Crookston Pirate Wrestling team is a little over a month away from hosting the Section 8A Individual tournament and they are looking to finish the season with continued improvement.  You have seen the Pirate wrestlers improve each week and they have had some good matches to start 2018. 
Crookston is led by Colton Weiland, Lukas Meier, Zach Brown and Jake Wagner.  All four are expected to make a run in the individual tournament for a trip to state, but it won’t be easy.  Cameron Hulst, Ethan Boll, Luke Trandem, Nolan Dans and others also have a chance to make a run and with having the individual tournament at home, the Pirates are hoping the home cooking will give them a boost.
Crookston Coach Wes Hanson will be trying to figure out his best line up for the team tournament in February.  If the Pirates can get their line up they way they are hoping, it could mean a run for the Pirates.  Obviously, nobody wants to see Frazee until the championship, but the Pirates think they could make it this year, if they get the right line up.   The Section team tournament has Frazee at the top and BGMR, United North Central, Crookston and others that all think they can make a run to the championship.  We will see and there are a lot of big duals and tournaments coming up.


I asked Frank Fee, the dean of Section 8A hockey and NW Minnesota hockey.....and probably the dean of the state of high school hockey to give us his two cents worth on Pirate Boys Hockey and Section 8A hockey.  Here is what he had to say -

What is going on with the Crookston Boy’s Hockey team? They had lost four in a row before Tuesday night’s 3-1 win over Detroit Lakes. Why were they so good in December and seemingly the opposite in 2018, or at least until they beat the Lakers last night? Let’s examine, shall we?
At the beginning of the year, we got excited with the team speed, returning goaltender and four defensemen who all started last year. Then they played some very good teams and although they lost to Sartell, St. Paul Johnson, the Pirates played well and could of/should have won! They did not play well against East Grand Forks and last Saturday, about the same kind of effort at Warroad. But in between they beat Warroad in overtime at home and a couple weeks later beat Thief River Falls at home. Tell me when beating Warroad and Thief River Falls before Christmas happened? They beat a good Minneapolis team who are 10-7 on the season and have beaten St. Paul Johnson and Mahtomedi, who is ranked second in the state Class A polls behind Hermantown. Crookston beat Tartan in Oakdale. Tartan was 10-3-1 last I looked. In other words, they’ve played a pretty good schedule! Have the Pirates gotten worn down playing this type of schedule and playing two lines? I’m thinking you might be on to something. The Pirates are not a very big team and for the most part rely on speed. When a team gets out to a 6-3, 7-4 start, teams take notice. They’ve started playing more physical against Crookston. If they couldn’t keep up with the Pirates speed, how do you counter it? You play the body which can be a great equalizer. When you play two lines, teams play you with more physicality, you start losing games maybe you should have won and you start questioning things.
Goaltending – Cade Salentine has been good and on occasion very good. He’s played all but 10 minutes and has put together a 3.25 goals against, a save percentage at 88 percent. These are good numbers. He stole the Pirates a win over Warroad with his play. The senior is down to 10 games left of his regular season high school career, five of them will be huge Section 8A games. Cade is THE guy and he has to play like he's THE guy the rest of the way.
Defense – The four returners on defense, three of them still underclassmen, appear to have ‘stagnated’! Ben Trostad, the senior captain, has been more effective getting up into the offensive play and has to continue that. The rest of the group has played efficiently, maybe giving up the blue line a little more than they should, and they have to do a better job of clearing the puck out in front and out of their zone after their goalie makes that initial save. One other thing. Leyton Salentine! Not to single out the brothers, but it would be nice to see the sophomore defenseman start bringing up the puck a little more like he did last night against Detroit Lakes. The kid has the tools and we'd like to see more of them!
Offense – Things were going along pretty well for the Pirates who scored 27 goals in the first eight games, which is not the greatest, but they were 5-3. The last seven games they’ve scored 16 goals (six in one game, a 6-3 win over Northern Lakes) and are 2-5 record wise. They’ve switched up the lines, trying to find the right combinations and it hasn’t really worked.  These are the same players in 2017 that were 0-4 in 2018 until the win over Detroit Lakes! Running two lines can be taxing on a team and players, but the Pirates have no alternatives to this dilemma at this time. Move a defenseman up and go with three defense? That is probably a non-starter.
So what then? These are the lads that brought you to the dance and they started out doing the tango and now they are doing the waltz! Coach Josh Hardy has said, “we aren’t a team that is going to score five or six goals every night.” But, the Pirates will have to score than one goal a game. Any team in Section 8A will have to score more than goal a game!
In one man's opinion. Ethan Magsam has been the Pirates best player, but he needs help. The opponents appear to be paying a little more attention to Eric Delorme, so the Pirate junior needs to figure that out and get back to his earlier season form, where he was one of the better players in Section 8A. Eric showed some of that last night in win over Detroit Lakes and hopefully that's a good sign. Again, not trying to single out players, but the two forwards mentioned have to be the leaders to turn the rest of January and first part of February around!
This is something for all players to think about. You want to get a top four seed to get you a home game in the first round of the playoffs! IF you make it to the final four in Warroad, ALL four teams have a realistic chance of making it to St. Paul! That should be all the motivation one would need!!!!!

Speaking of Section 8A. This is how I see Section 8A boy’s hockey right now (I've listed the 8A games each has left)

1.  East Grand Forks – Defending champs and they have a ‘slight’ separation from the other nine right now, but it keeps closing.  (at Thief River Falls, Crookston, at Warroad, Thief River Falls)

2.  Warroad - Just the opposite of Crookston. Started 0-6 and are now the hottest team in Section 8A and they have closed the gap. (at Thief River Falls, at Park Rapids, East Grand Forks, Lake of the Woods)

3.  Crookston -  Beat Thief River Falls, split with Warroad and Detroit Lakes  (Kittson County Central,  at East Grand Forks, at Thief River Falls, Lake of the Woods, at Red Lake Falls.  Has a make-up left at Park Rapids)

4.  Thief River Falls  (Big week for the Prowlers who have a favorable home schedule the rest of the way. Warroad on Thursday and Lake of the Woods on Saturday! East Grand Forks, Crookston, Red Lake Falls and at East Grand Forks)

5.  Lake of the Woods  (At the beginning of the year, we said the Bears were a dark horse and it appears that horse is not very dark anymore!  At Detroit Lakes, at Thief River Falls, Park Rapids, at Kittson County Central, at Crookston, at Warroad)
6.  Detroit Lakes  (The Lakers have been playing very well and certainly are in the top four conversation. Lake of the Woods, at Kittson County Central, at Red Lake Falls, Park Rapids)

7.  Park Rapids  (Have shown that on any given night!!  Warroad, at Lake of the Woods, Red Lake Falls, Kittson County Central, at Detroit Lakes. The Panthers have a make-up hosting Crookston to be scheduled)

8.  Kittson County Central  (Bearcats certainly can move up the ladder with some wins. At Crookston, Detroit Lakes, Lake of the Woods, at Park Rapids, Bagley-Fosston)

9   Red Lake Falls  (Likewise, the Eagles can move up with some section wins. At Bagley-Fosston, Detroit Lakes, at Park Rapids, at Thief River Falls, Crookston)

10.  Bagley-Fosston (Flyers have a key game at home with Red Lake Falls next Tuesday (Jan. 23). Red Lake Falls beat them 3-0 earlier this year. Any chance of moving up they need at win over the Eagles. The only other section game they have is their last game at Kittson County Central).

There are A LOT of key games to be played before the February 14 Section 8A coaches seeding meeting.

Section 8A Boy's Hockey Tournament

Tuesday -  February 20   (Play-In Games)
#9  seed  at   #8 seed
#10 seed  at  #7 seed

Thursday -  February 22   (Quarterfinals)
9/8  winner  at   #1 seed
#5 seed   at   #4  seed
7/10 winner   at   #2 seed
#6  seed   at  #3  seed

Saturday -  February 24  at   Warroad    (Semi-Finals)
6:00 PM -   Winner  9/8/1   vs  winner 5/4
8:15 PM -    Winner  7/10/2     vs  winner  6/3

Thursday -  March 1   at   Warroad
7:00 PM -  Championship

East Grand Forks is the defending Section 8A champ beating Warroad 5-1 in Thief River Falls last year


I asked our Leo Blavin, who was excited with his alma mater Michigan Wolverines sweeping the Gopher Men's Hockey team this weekend, for his thoughts on the Pirate Girls Hockey program - Here are his thoughts -

The Crookston Pirates Girl’s hockey team is off to a 3-16 start while being outscored 126 to 22, but there remains a lot of intrigue surrounding this youth filled squad with 8 games remaining in the season. Last night’s loss at Park Rapids leaves the Pirates in a tough spot when head coach Jaclyn Martin argues for Crookston’s seeding in the Section 8A tournament. In reality, this year’s seeding is more a formality than anything else with Thief River Falls and Warroad ranked as the top two teams in the entire state and East Grand Forks as the 7th best team. The section 8A tournament will be fascinating and could potentially see the second-best team in the state left out of the state tournament entirely, unfortunately, Crookston is likely a few years away from hoping to join that conversation.


The Pirates have shown flashes of a good team this season, including a season sweep of Devils Lake (N.D.), including a 1-0 shutout win on the road by Brelee Jobe, to give Crookston’s lone senior her first career clean sheet in net. Jobe’s achievements in net have been nothing short of remarkable. On a team with 10 girls still in the 8th grade, Jobe has filled the role as both the team’s most experienced and valuable player facing 938 shots so far this season while registering 813 saves. Brelee’s skill, attitude, and experience made her a natural pick to wear the captain’s “C” on her jersey, but her two fellow captains, Catherine Tiedemann and MacKenze Epema have both proven equally worthy of the honor bestowed upon them at the start of the season. The pair of freshman is what has Crookston fans most excited about the future with Tiedemann leading the Pirates with 14 points this season, including 7 goals, while Epema has 5 goals and an assist. Tiedemann has a knack for finding open ice regardless of the opponent. Tiedemann has a second gear on the ice that is unmatched by nearly any other girl on the ice at all times, with the Pirates’ forward averaging (unofficially) at least one break-away chance per game. What makes Catherine’s skill set more exciting is that she’s been able to find these open scoring chances against the likes of Thief River Falls, Warroad, and East Grand Forks. Speed is said to be something you can’t teach, but the fact that Tiedemann possesses such a strong skating ability in her freshman season can’t hurt her chances of getting even faster with each passing season. Meanwhile, Epema has showcased her versatility throughout the season. MacKenze entered the season as a defender, but Jaclyn Martin and assistant coach Tim Moe moved her to the Crookston top line which has allowed her to continue to grow her stick handling skills and vision on the ice. Epema might be better suited as a long-term defender, but given her skills with the puck and skating ability this team couldn’t afford for her to not be on the top attacking line this year.


With a young roster, there has been no shortage of ice time available for young players and there remains a lot to be excited about for the program in the seasons going forward despite the challenges the current team is facing. 8th grader Aleah Bienek is Crookston’s second-leading scorer with 9 points including 7 assists, while sophomore Kylee Meier has tacked on 3 goals and 5 assists in addition to continuing to improve in the face-off circle as the season has progressed for Crookston’s top-line center. The Pirates also have had contributions not reflected on the stat sheet from several defenders including sophomore Breck Fugleberg and Mayville product and fellow sophomore Taylor Garrett. Dillynn Wallace has also impressed on defense as an 8th grader, but an ankle injury has sidelined her the past few games and her return this season remains somewhat uncertain. Speaking of Mayville, Crookston is hoping that the partnership with the North Dakota school will lead to several more talented players including a talented freshman goalie who has yet to join the Pirates roster but would provide a potential replacement for Brelee Jobe. With Jobe the only player departing the program due to graduation, the reason for optimism surrounding the program is based around the belief that the talented youth will continue to develop and the players who have struggled to find the ice this season will improve alongside those top players. However, the one obvious hole in the roster next season being the team’s most important position as the goalie is less than ideal.


Each game Crookston continues to show improvement, they skated tough with Thief River Falls before depth cost the Pirates 5 goals in the final period of a 9-1 loss. But just the fact Crookston was able to score against the state’s top team speaks volumes about the growth of this squad since their 10-0 lost at EGF to open the season. The final scores may not reflect the improvement of the team as much as some fans had hoped, but anyone who has watched these girls throughout the season knows that this team is far better than they were when the season began in mid-November. Winning a few more games to close out the season would be great and further showcase the growth this team has gone through, but it shouldn’t be considered the only potential example of improvement for the Pirates. Unfortunately, unless you want to take a long road trip, your last chance to see Crookston compete at the Crookston Sports Center this season is this Thursday against Bemidji, an AA side the Crookston lost just 2-0 on the road to back on December 12. Crookston closes the regular season with 5-straight road games and likely an additional section tournament game coming on the road at either East Grand Forks or Detroit Lakes. We should learn a lot about this team and how much they’ve improved throughout the season as 5 of the remaining 6 games are rematches from earlier this season, but even if no wins come in the final month, the young talent this team has displayed this year sets the program up for a lot more wins next season and hopefully a few more this year too.



Here is the schedule for the Girls Basketball Heart O Lakes day at the Fargo Civic on Feb. 3.  The second team listed is the home team and will wear their dark uniforms.  The home team will provide the official book, if this is an issue let me know.


10:00  Crookston VS. Pelican Rapids

11:45  Staples-Motley VS. Perham

1:30     Roseau VS. Barnesville

3:15     Warroad VS. Hawley

5:00     Mahnomen/Waubun VS. Wadena-DC

6:45     Park Rapids VS. Breckenridge


Below is the Section 8AA Boys Basketball QRF standings, compliments of  I will give my thoughts on the sections next week!

Section 8AA - North Standings
QRF Rank
Team (QRF)
No. 43 Hawley (68.6) 3-2 7-4
No. 59 Roseau (57.5) 3-2 9-3
No. 61 Crookston (56.5) 6-5 6-7
No. 67 East Grand Forks (53.9) 3-1 7-4
No. 83 Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (45.1) 5-1 7-5
No. 91 Bagley (38.9) 0-2 6-6
No. 101 Warroad (32.8) 0-4 5-7
No. 117 Thief River Falls (22.4) 0-8 0-13

Section 8AA - South Standings
QRF Rank
Team (QRF)
No. 5 Perham (115.3) 6-0 13-0
No. 25 Breckenridge (81.3) 4-2 10-2
No. 45 Park Rapids Area (66.6) 5-2 9-5
No. 64 Osakis (54.8) 1-0 8-5
No. 87 Barnesville (43.6) 1-3 3-6
No. 88 Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (43.1) 1-1 4-6
No. 89 Wadena-Deer Creek (41.8) 1-3 6-6
No. 108 Staples-Motley (29.0) 0-3 2-8


Below is the Section 8AA Girls Basketball QRF standings, compliments of  I will give my thoughts on the sections next week!

Section 8AA - North Standings
QRF Rank
Team (QRF)
No. 1 Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (146.2) 7-0 12-0
No. 15 Roseau (97.6) 4-0 10-4
No. 21 East Grand Forks (94.4) 6-2 13-3
No. 27 Thief River Falls (88.6) 3-3 11-6
No. 40 Crookston (76.1) 2-4 7-5
No. 41 Hawley (75.9) 4-4 9-5
No. 122 Warroad (22.6) 0-5 2-11
No. 131 Bagley (15.7) 0-2 0-13

Section 8AA - South Standings
QRF Rank
Team (QRF)
No. 24 Barnesville (89.3) 4-2 8-2
No. 42 Park Rapids Area (75.0) 4-2 9-4
No. 49 Perham (72.9) 4-3 9-4
No. 86 Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (49.8) 1-0 5-6
No. 88 Frazee (47.4) 3-4 5-8
No. 99 Wadena-Deer Creek (37.9) 1-4 5-9
No. 112 Staples-Motley (29.0) 1-3 1-11
No. 117 Breckenridge (27.9) 0-6 4-10


The Section 8A Boys Basketball QRF standings according to  I will give my thoughts on the section next week.

Section 8A - West Standings
QRF Rank
Team (QRF)
No. 8 Sacred Heart (72.7) 8-0 11-1
No. 24 Ada-Borup (64.2) 4-0 9-2
No. 29 Fertile-Beltrami (60.2) 6-2 10-4
No. 50 Kittson County Central (49.1) 4-3 8-4
No. 79 Northern Freeze (40.3) 5-4 6-5
No. 80 Stephen-Argyle (39.9) 5-6 5-7
No. 97 Badger/Greenbush-Middle River (34.4) 4-5 5-8
No. 118 Red Lake County (29.3) 4-6 4-8
No. 123 Norman County West (27.3) 0-3 2-8
No. 156 Warren-Alvarado-Oslo (14.3) 1-7 1-10
No. 158 Climax/Fisher (13.4) 1-7 1-10

Section 8A - East Standings
QRF Rank
Team (QRF)
No. 3 Cass Lake-Bena (81.7) 8-0 14-1
No. 19 Fosston (66.7) 8-2 10-3
No. 46 Win-E-Mac (50.5) 3-5 6-6
No. 83 Red Lake (39.0) 3-5 6-8
No. 105 Blackduck (31.8) 4-3 6-9
No. 116 Goodridge/Grygla (29.7) 4-4 4-8
No. 125 Northome/Kelliher (26.0) 2-4 4-10
No. 138 Clearbrook-Gonvick (20.7) 1-7 2-10
No. 156 Lake of the Woods (14.3) 0-2 2-6


The Section 8A Girls Basketball QRF standings according to  I will give my thoughts on the section next week.

Section 8A - West Standings
QRF Rank
Team (QRF)
No. 10 Badger/Greenbush-Middle River (81.5) 6-2 8-2
No. 13 Stephen-Argyle (78.9) 11-0 12-1
No. 33 Sacred Heart (63.2) 6-3 10-5
No. 34 Red Lake Falls (61.4) 7-1 11-3
No. 60 Kittson County Central (46.7) 6-3 10-5
No. 75 Fertile-Beltrami (41.2) 4-5 6-7
No. 82 Northern Freeze (39.8) 5-6 6-7
No. 87 Warren-Alvarado-Oslo (37.9) 3-5 5-8
No. 100 Climax/Fisher (31.5) 2-7 4-8
No. 109 Red Lake County Central (28.1) 3-9 5-9

Section 8A - East Standings
QRF Rank
Team (QRF)
No. 18 Red Lake (76.4) 9-1 14-2
No. 40 Clearbrook-Gonvick (57.7) 6-2 12-3
No. 51 Kelliher/Northome (50.1) 7-2 12-4
No. 87 Win-E-Mac (37.9) 3-4 5-6
No. 98 Fosston (32.6) 3-6 4-9
No. 104 Cass Lake-Bena (30.5) 3-6 4-13
No. 116 Lake of the Woods (26.1) 1-4 3-8
No. 132 Blackduck (21.3) 0-9 3-13
No. 133 Goodridge/Grygla (20.9) 1-11 1-12


Jennifer Lopez, current North Dakota State Bison Volleyball coach and former Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton standout, has hired her sister, Kelly Lopez, another former DGF standout, as her assistant coach at NDSU.  Kelly Lopez has been the associate director of sports performance at Boise State since 2014, and she was a four-year starter for NDSU from 2005-09 and was a two-time Summit League Defensive Player of the Year. Her coaching resume includes club volleyball experience for West Fargo, Minnesota Black Ice and Oak Grove.
The sisters played together for two years on the NDSU Volleyball team.


Congratulations to the Hawley High School graduate and current Minnesota State Moorhead Dragon Women's Basketball player, Drew Sannes, on being named the NSIC North Women's Basketball player of the week.
Drew Sannes (F, 6-3, Sr., Hawley, Minn. / Hawley HS)
MSU Moorhead

- Averaged a double-double for the week at 20.5 points and 12.0 rebounds per game in helping Dragons to a pair of home wins
- Posted 22 points, 15 rebounds and two blocks in 75-64 win over No. 11 Augustana
- Scored 19 points and grabbed nine rebounds in 86-84 overtime win over Wayne State
- Shot 53.8 percent (14-of-26) from the field
- Shot 83.3 percent (10-of-12) from the foul line
- Averaged 20.5 points, 12.0 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 1.0 block for the weekend 


2018 Army National Guard Prowler Invite  

Tournament Date:​ January 20, 2018

Location​:  Ralph Engelstad Arena, Thief River Falls
Start Time​:  10:00am for all three levels.

Weigh Ins and Skin check​: ​We will now pre-seed the night before and thus skin checks will be at 8:00am followed by weigh-ins will be at 8:30am and finish with coaches meeting.  ​Varsity will weigh-in by team.  JV will weigh-in by team with a coach present.

***THERE WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL 2-POUND ALLOWANCE BEYOND THE 2 POUNDS AFTER THE FIRST OF THE YEAR.  (for both varsity & JV).   Example: 106 will be 110 and 113 will be 117.  In JV the weights will be the same as varsity due to the addition of a junior high tournament.

Participating Teams for Varsity​:  Thief River Falls, Bemidji, BGMR, Blackduck-Cass Lake-Bena, Crookston, Detroit Lakes, Fertile/Beltrami, Norwood Young America, Bertha-Hewitt VPP, Ottertail Central, Park Rapids, Red Lake County Central, Roseau, Walker-Hackensak-Akeley-Nevis, Nashwauk-Keewatin.

Additional Teams for JV: ​Fergus Falls, New York Mills

Varsity Tournament​: They will be wrestling on 4 mats.  They will take minimal breaks and run straight through the day, finals starting around 5:00pm and finishing up around 7:00 pm. They will wrestle through 8​th​ place.  
JV Tournament: ​They will run on 2 mats and continuous with only minimal breaks throughout the day.  Weight classes will be same as varsity, with the addition of a 95 lb. weight class.

JH Tournament​:  Will be run on 2 mats and continuous with only minimal breaks.  There will not be specific weight classes but we will bracket the wrestlers

that day.  All JH Wrestlers will weigh-in individually and need to fill out a weigh-in form.  Coaches should help direct this process.

Fan admission​: $10 for adults,  $5 for students - this is good for all day


The Central Cass (ND) school district announced a 500,000 gift towards the renovation project for the athletic complex. School will have turf football and softball fields this upcoming spring/fall.


The Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference will hold the sixth annual "It's A Slam Dunk, Don't Drive Drunk" campaign. Started in 2013, the campaign commemorates Drake Bigler, the five month old son of Southwest Minnesota State University's Men's Basketball Coach Brad Bigler, who was killed by a drunk driver. 

During designated basketball weekends in the months of January and February, NSIC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) members will be collecting signatures from fans pledging not to drive drunk. Pledge stickers, magnets, and keychains will be handed out to fans that pledge to join in this initiative.

Over the past five years, NSIC SAAC members have collected nearly 50,000 signatures from fans pledging not to drive drunk. The NSIC encourages fans to support this effort and to always drive responsibly.

Slam Dunk Dates by School




Augustana University


Bemidji State University


Concordia University, St. Paul


University of Mary


University of Minnesota Crookston


University of Minnesota Duluth


Minnesota State University, Mankato


Minnesota State University Moorhead


Minot State University


Northern State University


University of Sioux Falls


St. Cloud State University


Southwest Minnesota State University


Upper Iowa University


Wayne State College


Winona State University


About the NSIC
The NSIC is a 16-team, 18-sport, NCAA Division II conference with teams located in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. The mission of the NSIC is to promote, conduct and regulate competitive sports programs which will assist student-athletes in their successful athletic, academic and person development. 

About SAAC
The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) serves as the primary governance arm representing student-athlete interests in Division II affairs. SAAC members serve as student-athlete liaisons that monitor and discuss happenings on campuses, within conference and at the national level.

Representatives are responsible for gathering feedback and reporting on behalf of their conference, as well as relaying important events, hot topics and educational information to both the campus and conference levels. In addition to relaying information across campuses and conferences, the committee speaks on behalf of the entire Division II student-athlete body throughout the NCAA governance structure.

Division II SAAC members serve as voting members on a number of Division II committees, including the Management Council. The SAAC also has voting authority during the Division II Business Session at the annual NCAA Convention.


The Star Tribune had an article last week on high schools investing in thei weight room/strength training/conditioning programs. 
The article by by David La Vaque is below -

Connor Kruse, a freshman offensive lineman at North Dakota, returned to his high school in Waconia in mid-December on break from classes but seeking quality football workouts.
His alma mater’s new state-of-the-art weight room, a striking example of a growing commitment to strength and conditioning at the high school level, proved more than accommodating. “You can do all the workouts I’ve been doing at North Dakota,” said the 6-6, 298-pound Kruse.
Waconia senior Tyler Wagener, who visited Augustana University in Sioux Falls and signed with the Vikings wrestling program, said his high school facility “is definitely right there with Augustana. This weight room is nicer than most colleges.”
Big fellas such as Kruse once were a weight room’s main inhabitants. Likewise, a few repetitions of heavy weights once passed as a workout. No more. Weight rooms and workouts today entice more athletes across a wider sports spectrum to prime their bodies. Training them requires a mix of universal movements and sport-specific workouts designed to improve performance.
Greater emphasis on strength and conditioning has triggered changes in high school weight rooms throughout the metro area. More strength and conditioning coaches are pursuing national certification, allowing them to design and teach more efficient, athletic movement-based workouts. Doing so reduces athletes’ risk for injury in their sports, more important than ever in the age of specialization.
“That’s become a major driver because parents don’t understand sports-skill balance,” said Wayzata’s Ryan Johnson, named the 2017 High School Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). “If you don’t train outside your one sport, you’re setting kids up for failure.”
Fueled by hundreds of thousands of dollars of upgrades approved by voters in school bond referendums, weight rooms at Dassel-Cokato, Stillwater and Waconia have evolved to best accomplish these tasks. Other schools are reconfiguring existing spaces.
In all cases, strength and conditioning coaches are cutting the cord on pulley-and-cable machines in favor of more open, multipurpose space.
Two premiere facilities, Waconia and Wayzata, feature a swath of artificial turf where student-athletes hone their movements. On each side are squat/bench press racks as well stations to accommodate Olympic lifts such as the power clean.
Waconia installed Perform-X Training Systems to its racks and stations. Wildcats strength and conditioning coordinator Josh Anderson said the NFL’s Tennessee Titans recently installed the band system, which helps maintain resistance throughout the full motion of an exercise.
“There is a real ‘wow’ in regards to what’s happening now,” said Anderson, who joined Ridgeview Sports Medicine and began working with Waconia in 2013. “When you look at how far strength and conditioning has come, what we can do with athletes is amazing — as long as you know what you’re doing.”

Benefit to athletes
Waconia junior Courtney Freeberg played up on the Wildcats’ basketball freshman team as an eighth-grader. When coaches encouraged her to get stronger and become a presence inside, Freeberg said she initially worried that she would “have to max out every time and be sore in the morning.”
The workouts convinced her otherwise. Last summer she eased younger players’ nerves about hitting the weight room. “You are tired when you work hard for 45 minutes,” said Freeberg, one of Waconia’s scoring leaders this season. “They were sore, but it was a good sore, not like, ‘I don’t ever want to do this again.’ ”
Weight rooms these days resemble laboratories where athletes can strengthen their bodies in myriad ways. Beyond pumping up “beach muscles” such as pectorals and biceps, athletes use a variety of repetitive movements, increasing weight gradually as they build overall strength and explosiveness.
Wagener, a Class 2A state champion at 145 pounds last year, credited Anderson for having “a great workout program for us. Even for the days we’re feeling sore, he’ll have us do agility workouts to get lactic acid out. It’s a lot smarter now and more efficient. I think it’s safer, too.”
Fighting the unintended consequences of sports specialization — muscle imbalances that can lead to knee or arm injuries — is a priority for Johnson, Wayzata’s strength and conditioning coach. He stresses the need for strength and conditioning beyond sport-specific skill training. “Strength and conditioning training makes you a better athlete, not just better in your sport,” Johnson said.
By March 2013, six Waconia girls’ basketball players had suffered ACL tears in a year’s time. Wildcats coach Carl Pierson said he “told them about doing more with strength and conditioning, but Josh brought it to the next level.”
No players have been lost to an ACL tear since, Pierson said.

Bigger, faster, stronger, better
Johnson said the aim of strength and conditioning goes beyond “let’s win some games.” But success within sports remains an important gauge of effectiveness.
St. Louis Park made its football state tournament debut last fall after its first winning season in more than three decades. Strength and conditioning coach Jessica Gust, in her eighth year, moved the focus of workouts from brute strength to efficient movements that sustain power.
Reaching the state tournament “showed the buy-in,” Gust said. “They were dedicated to strength and conditioning as well as the development of their football skills. That built a community over time and when the season came along, they were ready to dive in and compete.”
At Stillwater, assistant strength and conditioning coach Ryan McCauley said the girls’ lacrosse players “at times outnumbered the bigger sports” in the weight room. And that Ponies team has made seven consecutive state tournament appearances.
Farmington’s Scott Meier, National High School Strength Coaches Association state director, said Tigers junior Lauren Peterson’s rise to become one of the state’s top distance runners coincided with getting in the weight room.

Investments in strength
While lauding Waconia’s weight room, Anderson gushed, “We’ve got everything we could want.”  The weight room upgrades, totaling about $250,000 for turf installation and new equipment, were part of a $75 million bond request approved by school district voters in 2014.
Stillwater’s new Pony Activity Center, a 5,600-square-foot weight training facility with an indoor track, was part of a $97.5 million voter-approved bond request.
Dassel-Cokato christened a new weight room in 2016, a $264,000 construction project made possible through fundraising, in-kind donations of time and materials and dollars from the school district capital budget.
St. Louis Park School District voters recently approved a $100.9 million bond referendum, a portion of which will go to updating the weight room. Farmington and Minneapolis Washburn are reconfiguring space to enhance their weight rooms. “As far as the inner city goes, we have one of the biggest spaces,” said Tracy Byrd, a 1989 Washburn graduate who coached at Wayzata before returning this fall to direct strength and conditioning for the Millers’ football program. “The facility is there to build soldiers. Now we just have to get them in there because success usually follows strength.”
More strength and conditioning coaches are pursuing national certification such as Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. “A certified strength and conditioning coach is just as important as a certified athletic trainer,” said Amanda Berg, strength and conditioning coach at Dassel-Cokato.
Said Johnson: “As a profession, we’re getting better. Twenty years ago, the football coach unlocked the door to the weight room and told players, ‘Get stronger.’ Now, coaches are saying to strength and conditioning coaches, ‘Teach us how to get stronger.’ ”


The annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest will be held on Sunday January 21, 2018 at the Red Lake Falls High School Gym.  This is for boys and girls ages 9-14.  Boys and Girls are separate, and each age group is separate:  ages 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.  Practice is allowed in the gym starting at 12:30 and the contest for all ages will begin at 1:00.  A brief awards ceremony will take place after the competition at around 1:45. You can get a registration form at the school or from Steve Philion.  Winners will advance to the District competition.



The University of Minnesota Crookston baseball program will host three camps over a two-day period from Sunday, February 18 to Monday, February 19. The camps are designed for a wide array of ages and are available to those in grades K-12.

The first camp will take place Sunday, February 18 and will be a pitching/catching specific skill camp held at the Minnesota Crookston Sports Center from 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. The cost of the camp is $75. The campers will be taught by the Minnesota Crookston baseball coaching staff and players about the entire realm of pitching. The skills taught will include basic mechanics, grips, pelvic loading, pickoffs, Pitcher Fielding Practice (PFP's), and the mental side of pitching. Catching drills will focus on receiving, blocking, throwing, footwork and other basic fundamentals of catching. The camp is for student's grades 7-12. For the pitching/catching camp registration, click here.

That same day, Sunday, February 18, the Golden Eagles will host a hitting/defensive camp at the Minnesota Crookston Sports Center from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. The cost of the camp is $75. The camp will focus on the fundamentals of hitting and defense but will cover almost every facet of the game. Hitters will learn proper mechanics including stance, grip, proper bat path, hip rotation and strike zone recognition. The defense portion will teach proper fundamentals. The camp is also for student's grades 7-12. It will also be instructed by the baseball coaching staff and players.   For the hitting/defensive camp registration, click here.

This will be the second year that the Minnesota Crookston baseball program will run a Kid's Camp. The camp will take place Mon. Feb. 19 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. at the Minnesota Crookston Sports Center. The camp will focus on skill development and honing of a wide array of baseball-specific skills. The campers will be instructed by the Minnesota Crookston baseball coaching staff staff and players. The cost of the camp is $25. It is for student's grades K-6. Crookston Public Schools are off Monday, February 19 for Presidents' Day. For the kids camp registration, click here.
If you are interested in taking part in the camp contact Head Coach Steve Gust at or Assistant Coach Taylor Steen


The University of Minnesota Crookston volleyball team is set to host four Junior Olympic (JO) volleyball tournaments over two weekends in March and April.
The first tournament will be for 12-and-under JO teams Saturday, March 3. The same weekend Minnesota Crookston will host a tournament for 16-and-under JO teams Sunday, March 4.
The Golden Eagles will welcome 14-and-under teams Saturday, April 14 and 18-and-under teams Sunday, April 15.
The registration cost for a team is $105. If you are interested in having your team compete in the Minnesota Crookston JO Volleyball Tournaments contact Assistant Coach Anna Morgan at or by phone at 218-348-6206. Teams are responsible for all officiating duties. Pool play will begin at 8 a.m. for all four tournaments. Following pool play, all teams will go to playoffs. All games will be played at the Minnesota Crookston Sports Center. Checks can be made out to UMC Volleyball and mailed to:
ATTN: Anna Morgan
2900 University Ave.
Crookston, MN 56716


The University of Minnesota Crookston volleyball program will host a pair of camps for grades 12-and-under Sunday, January 21 and Sunday, February 11 at Lysaker Gymnasium.
The camps will allow campers to learn from Head Coach Sarah Rauen, Assistant Coach Anna Morgan and the Golden Eagle volleyball players. They will learn key volleyball skills such as: passing, setting, serving, attacking, along with competitions and play.
Check-in begins at 12:30 p.m.  Jan 21 and Feb. 11. The camps will run 1-3:30 p.m. both days. The cost of an individual camp is $35. If you wish to participate in both camps, the cost is $60. Make checks payable to UMCVB. If you have any questions regarding the camp contact Assistant Coach Anna Morgan at 218-281-8410 or at
If you are interested in participating, fill out the attached PDF and return to:

2900 University Ave.
ATTN: Anna Morgan
Crookston, MN 56716


2018 TBird Blast Girls Elementary Basketball Tournament

Divisions: ​
4th Grade Girls
5th Grade Girls
6th Grade Girls
7th Grade Girls (if interest)

When: ​Saturday, February 10, 2018
Where: ​Mahnomen and Waubun Gymnasiums
Entry Fee: ​$125 (3 games guaranteed), payable to Waubun Basketball
Entry Deadline: ​February 3 (or when full)
Tournament Information: ​Tournament Limited to first 8 teams paid in each division. Teams will be guaranteed 3 games. Games will be two 15 minute halves with running clock. If the score is within 10 points, we will play stop time for the last 2 minutes of the game. Referees will be provided. One referee may be a high school player. Please lead your program by example and treat ALL referees with respect and show sportsmanship. Concessions will be provided.

TOWN/TEAM = _____________________________ Grade Level = ____________

Name and Cell # of Coach = _________________________ Email of Contact _______________________________

Make the $125.00 Check payable to Waubun Basketball. Mail to: Paul Clark 1013 3rd St Waubun, MN 56589


Hillsboro/Central Valley Booster Club will be hosting a Winter Wonder Jam 3 on 3 Basketball tournament on Sunday, February 18, 2018.  The tournament is for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders.

Cost: $80 per team by Wednesday, February 7 (Guaranteed 3 games)
Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th
Time: Games starting at 11:00
Location: Central Valley School – Buxton, ND

Concessions will be available.  Games will run every one-half hour.  No more than 5 players per team.  Rules are available upon arrival and are posted at under “Booster Club”.  No refunds if cancellation received after the deadline of Wednesday, February 7th.  Awards will be given to all members of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. 

Inclement Weather:  If the tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather, ½ of the registration fee will be returned.  If the tournament is held, and a team chooses not to travel, there will be no refund.

Waiver of Release & Liability
In consideration of being permitted to play 3 on 3 basketball at Central Valley, ND, I hereby release, on behalf of myself, my family, my heirs and my assigns, the Central Valley School District and Hillsboro School District, it’s employees, agents, owner and sponsors from liability for injury, death or loss suffered by me while participating in 3 on 3 basketball, using the facility or equipment or engaging in any activities incidental there to, in present of future participation, wherever or however the same may occur, which result from ordinary negligence of the Central Valley and Hillsboro School districts.  I affirm that I am voluntarily participating in 3 on 3 basketball, and acknowledge that there are inherent risks in playing 3 on 3 basketball that cannot be eliminated even when the greatest care is taken.  I know, understand and appreciate these inherent risks of the sport of 3 on 3 basketball.  I assume full responsibilities for any and all injuries or damages which may occur to me as a result of such inherent risks associated with playing 3 on 3 basketball. 

Team Name:  ______________________________________________

Grade:  __________ (teams with mixed grades MUST enter in higher division)      

Boys/Girls (circle one)

Coach or Contact Person _________________________________________


Players Name                                            Parent/Guardian Signature                                                     Date

1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


This player permission slip may be turned in with registration form or may be turned in before the team’s first game of the tournament at the registration table.



The 25th Annual CYBA Basketball Tournament March 23-25, 2018.  Third grade boys and girls will play Saturday Only. 4-8th Girls will Play Friday and Saturday. 4-8th Boys will Play Saturday and Sunday.

No games will begin before noon on Sunday March 25. Attached is the registration form. Hope to see you all in March. For more information please visit our website at


Sacred Heart  3rd and 4th Grade Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball Tournaments

Saturday, February 17, 2018 
Boy’s and Girl’s:  3rd and 4th
Entry Fee: $125.00 per team    Entry fee must accompany registration.  Entry fee is used for awards and expenses.
Tournament position not guaranteed until entry fee is paid.

Door Admission:      
$6.00 for Adults
$4.00 for Seniors and Students
Free for Kids under 5

Concessions available all day
Medals will be given for 1st and 2 Place and 3rd place

8 team limit in each grade

Please enter ASAP and if you have any questions email Blake Karas


Blake Karas  
200 3rd St. NW
East Grand Forks, MN  56721

Entry Fee: $125.00 per team
Make check payable to:  Sacred Heart Athletic Club
Tournament Date:  February 17, 2018

Please check the grade and team(s) you would like to enter and submit with payment.  It may be beneficial to email to reserve a spot as well. 

      3rd Grade Girls
      4th Grade Girls
      3rd Grade Boys                                   
     4th Grade Boys


Sacred Heart 5th and 6th Grade Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball Tournaments

Saturday, February 24th, 2018
Boy’s and Girl’s:  5th and 6th 

Entry Fee: $125.00 per team
Entry fee must accompany registration.
Tournament position not guaranteed until entry fee is paid.
Entry fee is used for awards and expenses.

Door Admission:       
$6.00 for Adults
$4.00 for Seniors and Students
Free for Kids under 5

Concessions available all day
Medals will be given for 1st and 2nd Place and 3rd place
8 team limit in each grade 

Please enter ASAP and if you have any questions email Blake Karas

Blake Karas   
200 3rd St. NW
East Grand Forks, MN  56721

Entry Fee: $125.00 per team
Make check payable to:  Sacred Heart Athletic Club
Tournament Date:  February 24, 2018

Please check the grade and team(s) you would like to enter and submit with payment.  It may be beneficial to email to reserve a spot as well. 

      5th Grade Girls
      6th Grade Girls
      5th Grade Boys                                  
     6th Grade Boys


2018 Ada-Borup Booster Club Cougar Classic Basketball Tournament 

February 3rd Boys 4th - 6th grade

February 10th Girls 4th - 6th grade

Cost: $150 per team limited to the first 8 teams paid for each grade

3 Game Guarantee

Registration deadline is Jan. 19th, 2018

Tournament questions:
Jeremy Peterson email jpeterson@partnersadvantage.comor cell 701-371-9565
Amy Kroshus email or cell 218-784-8351




There has been a lot of interest from people after we posted this so we will post it again.  If you have any info on Pirate sports records or want to help tracking them down read below!

Crookston High School, namely Ed Nelson, has been working on getting all the records for the Pirate Sports teams updated and it has been a process.  Ed is looking for any records, stats, state participants, etc from the following sports.

Boys Tennis
Girls Tennis
Girls Soccer

If you have Crookston Times articles with information, yearbooks with team and/or individual records, scrapbooks, or anything with any information that you might think would be of interest to Ed email him at

With that said we have links to the Crookston Pirate records pages for the following sports.  If you see something that is incomplete, or maybe an updated record let Ed know at the above email address.  I have listed the team and click on the team to see their records. 

Here is an update on the various sports covered by the website as of December 1, 2016

Sports that are done and will not change without additional information:

Boys’ Basketball
Girls’ Basketball
Boys’ Golf
Girls’ Golf
Boys’ Soccer (Poor or no records were kept over the years.)
Girls’ Soccer
Boys’ Track & Field
Girls’ Track & Field
Girls’ Hockey will be complete by the end of 2016 and join the above.  I am currently looking for “Team:  Game” and “Player: Game” records for the first 5 years of the program.

Sports being worked on:
Baseball (Justin Johnson is doing the research and has completed the last 16 years)
Boys’ & Girls’ Tennis (Mike Geffre has the information and is scanning everything.  When he is done, the records will be posted.)

Sports not yet started:
Football (I will be starting Football this winter.)
Boys’ Hockey (Frank Fee has agreed to research the records.) 

Fall Sports -
Boys Soccer       Girls Swimming      Girls Soccer      Volleyball

Incomplete records     Girls Tennis         Football                  

Winter Sports -
Boys Basketball           Girls Basketball          Boys Hockey         Girls Hockey         Wrestling

Spring Sports-
Softball            Boys Track        Girls Track         Boys Golf         Girls Golf      -

Incomplete records 
Boys Tennis         Baseball

Sports that are no longer offered-
Boys Swimming           Girls Cross Country           Boys Cross Country


JOKES (Do you have any good jokes - email them to and I will put them in the feever

             Kent Hrbek with the takedown

Stone Cold Steve Austin with the Stone Cold Stunner

      The best one - An actual church posted it


How are former Crookston Pirates athletes doing in college or elsewhere?

Paul Bittner, is playing for the Cleveland Monsters (AHL – minor league affiliate of Columbus).  Paul didn't score in a 2-1 victory and he didn't score in a 4-2 loss to Grand Rapids (Mich) last weekend.  Cleveland hosts Rockford tonight (Wednesday) and Friday and will travel to Chicago on Sunday and Milwaukee on Tuesday.

Ryan Bittner, is a junior playing hockey for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  Ryan didn't score in a 2-1 loss to Augsburg on Friday and he didn't score in a 5-1 victory over St. John's University on Saturday.  The Pointers take on UW-Eau Claire on Friday and host UW-River Falls on Saturday.

Brady Heppner, is a sophomore playing hockey at St. Johns University in Collegeville.  Brady didn't score in a 5-1 loss to UW-Superior on Friday and he didn't score in a 3-1 victory over Hamline on Saturday.  St. Johns will host Concordia College this weekend.

Aaron Hollcraft, is a junior playing basketball and baseball for the UMC Golden Eagles.   Aaron didn't play in an 82-75 loss at Southwest Minnesota State on Friday and he didn't play in a 68-56 loss to the University of Sioux Falls on Saturday.  UMC will host the University of Mary on Friday and Minot State on Saturday.

Doug Larson, is a captain for the junior hockey team, Brookings Blizzard of the NAHL.  Doug didn't score in a in a 3-2 loss and a 2-0 loss to Austin last weekend.  Brookings travels to Bismarck on Friday and Saturday.

Harrison Bjorgo, is playing Junior Hockey for the Minnesota Iron Rangers.  Harrison didn't play in a 4-3 loss or a 6-2 loss to Fort Frances last weekend.  The Iron Ranges host Thunder Bay tonight and host Fort Frances on Thursday.

Cody Wardner, is playing Junior Hockey for the Oklahoma City Jr. Blazers in the C1HL league.   Cody didn't score in a 5-4 victory, a 2-1 loss and a 3-1 loss to El Paso last weekend.  The Blazers will travel to Dallas to play Saturday and Sunday.

Haley Roed, is a sophomore swimmer for the Minnesota State Moorhead Dragons in the NSIC.  Haley was on the third place 200 Yard Freestyle team, she was on the third place 400 Freestyle Relay team, sixth place 200 Yard Medley Relay, seventh in the 50 Freestyle, she was on the ninth place 400 Medley Relay, ninth place in the 800 Freestyle relay, 11th in the 50 Butterfly, finished 14th in the 100 Breaststroke, and 14th in the 100 IM.  The Dragons will be off until January 27 when they travel to Minnesota State Mankato.

Crookston School District Coaches -
Wade Hanson
is coaching 8th grade boys basketball
Travis Ross is coaching 7th grade boys basketball
Kevin Weber is a Pirate Boys Basketball volunteer assistant coach
Connor Morgan is a Pirate Boys Hockey assistant coach
Sam Melbye is a Pirate Boys J.V. Hockey coach
Jaclyn Martin is the Pirate Girls Hockey Head Coach
Wes Hanson is the Pirate Wrestling Head Coach
Chris Dufault is an Assistant Wrestling Coach
Nate Merten is an Assistant Wrestling Coach

Crookston Youth Hockey coaches -
Joel Gasper
is coaching Crookston mini-mites
Matt Hann is coaching Crookston mini-mites
Chris Demarais is coaching Crookston min-mites
Rich Clauson is coaching Crookston Mite 3
Stacey (Flikka) Olson is coaching Mite 3
Mickey Kaiser is coaching Crookston 8U
JaNae Coauette is coaching Crookston 8U
Maddie Nichols
is coaching Crookston 8U
Wes Colborn is coaching Crookston Squirts
Jeremy Lubinski
is coaching Crookston Squirts
Andy Fee
is coaching Crookston 10U
Trevore Brekken
is coaching Crookston 10U
Brent Epema
is coaching Crookston 10U
Scott Sanders
is coaching Crookston 10U
Wade Demarais
is coaching Crookston Squirts/PeeWee's
Trent Fischer
is coaching Crookston 12U
Derick Seaver
is coaching Crookston 12U
Evan Meyer
is coaching Crookston Bantams

Marietta Geist, a sophomore on the Carleton College Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams. Marietta suffered an injury and hopes to compete in the indoor track season.

Luke Edlund, is a junior linebacker on the Crown College football team.  Crown is done until next fall.

Elise Tangquist, is a freshman golfer for the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. Northwestern will be off until the spring.

Isaac Westlake, a sophomore golfer on the Winona State Men’s Golf team.  Winona State will be off until the spring.

Josh Edlund,  is an assistant football coach and phy ed teacher at Flandreau, South Dakota.

Jeff Olson is Head Wrestling coach and Assistant Baseball coach at Delano.

Jake Olson is Head Boys Tennis coach at Delano.

Todd Kreibich, is the Coach and General Manager for the Minnesota Iron Rangers Junior Hockey team our of Hoyt Lakes.

Carmen (Kreibich) Johnson, is Head Volleyball coach at Little Falls High School.

Katy Westrom, is Freshman Girls Basketball coach at Monticello High School.

Matt Harris, is an Assistant Athletic Director and assistant basketball coach at Arizona Christian University in Phoenix, Arizona.

Marty Bratrud is the Superintendent and High School Principal at Westhope High School.
Gordie Haug is an assistant football coach at the University of Wyoming
Mike Hastings is the Minnesota State Mankato Men's head Hockey coach
Mike Biermaier is the Athletic Director at Thief River Falls High School
Stephanie (Lindsay) Perreault works with the North Dakota State stats crew for Bison football and volleyball and basketball in the winter. Stephanie’s husband, Ryan, is the assistant director for the Bison media relations 
Jason Bushie is the hockey athletic trainer at Colorado College
Chris Myrold is a Tennis Pro on Nevis Island in the West Indies
Kyle Buchmeier
 is a Tennis Pro at the Reed-Sweatt Family Tennis Center in Minneapolis
Erika Wheelhouse
 is serving in the Peace Corp in the Philippines.
Jarrett Butenhoff is serving our country with the U.S. Navy
Joshua Butenhoff is serving our country on a Submarine with the Pacific Fleet with the US Navy.
Alan Mart, 2009 Crookston High School graduate, is currently serving his country for the US Army as a Cavalry Scout in Afghanistan.
Peter Cournia is a 2002 Crookston High School Graduate and also a grad of West Point and is currently is serving in the U.S. Army.
Erik Ellingson is serving our country with the U.S. Air Force Iraq
Philip Kujawa class of 2004 from Crookston Central is stationed at Hohnfels in Germany for the next 2 or 3 years.
Scott Riopelle is head of Crookston Parks and Recreation
Rob Sobolik is the General Manager of the Fargodome


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