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It is officially the first week of competition for Minnesota High School Tennis teams and the rest of the sports will be following next week and the week after.

Girls Tennis only needs four practices and they can have their first matches on Friday!!!   The Fall sports season is officially here and we wish best of luck to all student-athletes, coaches, teams and schools on a great school year.  I have always been against full-time post secondary schooling because it takes away from the high school experience.  You are only young once, enjoy it!!!!

I have a look at some new digs for EGF Football, Perham athletics and I have the rosters for the Pirate fall sports teams and more.  If you are a football coach, keep an eye out on the coaches poll email coming next week!


Before we get into the real news....I found my new favorite Little League Baseball player.



I read some bad news this week when Pine River-Backus High School announced they won't field a varsity football team this season.  They only have 22 kids out 9-12 and most of them are freshman.  It is an unfortunate story for the kids involved and one story that has been happening more and more in the past few years. 
In the next decade, I am anticipating more coops and it will be interesting who is left standing on their own in 2028!


Frank Fee has been working hard, in retirement, and has received the football schedules the fastest he has ever had EVERY team in NW Minnesota turn them in.  So...Thank you to the AD's and coaches for the quick response!!!!

With that said, Frank has put together the master schedules for each area section.   They are listed below, just click on the section below to view.....or go to the sports page and click on the link there!







It was a sad weekend for Pequot Lakes when Wayne "Wheaties" Wallin passed away on Saturday.  For those of you that don't know, my mother (Jeanette) is a Wallin and is Wheaties' cousin.  Whenever Crookston would go to Pequot Lakes in football and basketball I always enjoyed the trip because I was able to see some of the Wallin family like Wheaties and my Uncle Calvin and his sons working the chains at football or the scoreboard at basketball games. 

Wheaties is Pequot Lakes High School athletics.  He was THE man in the know and was well respected.  Unfortunately his battle with cancer came to an end on Saturday.  We all know he is in a much better place, but he will be missed by everyone in Pequot Lakes and all the visiting coaches, players, and fans that had the opportunity to get to know him over the years.  His love for high school sports was unparalleled and noticed by everybody.
Visitation will be from 4-7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 16, at Kline Funeral Home in Pequot Lakes. Visitation will continue from 3-4 p.m., followed by the service at 4 p.m., Friday, Aug. 17, at Pequot Lakes High School.


I came across a great article by Pete Mohs of the Brainerd Dispatch ( and have included his story from Monday's paper below -

Wayne "Wheaties" Wallin, a long-time sports booster for the Pequot Lakes Patriots, passed away after a battle with cancer Saturday, Aug. 11, at the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center in Crosby.

The 77-year-old Wallin was known for his love of the outdoors and sports, especially following his alma mater, the Pequot Lakes Patriots, for the past 40 years as a sports writer for the Pine and Lakes Echo Journal weekly newspaper.
"(Wheaties) was an icon for Pequot Lakes sports for so many years," said former Patriots football coach Chip Lohmiller. "He engaged in all sports, and was so involved with the kids during their high school years and beyond. He knew statistics for every sport and every player. He really cared about all the kids. We will all miss him."
Wallin played three sports, including four seasons of varsity baseball, at Pequot Lakes High School before graduating in 1959. He also played amatuer baseball as a power-hitting first baseman for 30 years with the Nisswa/Pequot Lakes Lions amateur baseball team before it folded in the mid-1980s.
"Even at that later stage in his career, Wheaties was still one of the best hitters in the area," said Bret Sergent, who played amateur baseball with Wallin. "I remember him hitting a home run, into a gale-force wind, in the bottom of the ninth against Crosby to win 7-6. It was a big game that year when we went to state (1979)."
Wallin, who worked full-time for 40 years at area lumber yards, started his part-time career as a sports writer with the Echo Journal (known at the time as the Lake Country Echo) newspaper in the mid-1970s. He started by covering amateur baseball, but his writing quickly expanded to covering Pequot Lakes boys and girls school teams.
One of Wallin's strengths as a reporter was building relationships with coaches and players at all levels.
"He was not just there for the varsity games, but for the junior varsity games," said former Pequot Lakes boys basketball coach Garry Grewe. "Wheaties was unique because he took time to talk with all the kids. He knew their names and how they're doing. He also knew most of the parents because he probably covered their teams, too."
Sergent, who is also the Pequot Lakes softball coach, said Wallin often traveled with his Patriot teams to cover road games.
"He rode thousands of miles on the bus with us through the years, and he also rode with me in my truck to our Junior Olympic games in the summer," Sergent said. "He was such a big part of our softball program that I made sure that he received section championship medals in 2013 and 2016, and a state runner-up medal in 2016. He earned them."
Wallin also covered Pine River-Backus High School athletic teams for many years after the Pine River Journal was purchased by the Lake County Echo. Wallin would eventually focus mainly on covering Pequot Lakes teams as the two newspapers were merged into the Echo Journal in 2012.
For the past six years, an annual boys and girls holiday basketball tournament that is named after Wallin is played each December at Pequot Lakes High School.
"The kids all liked Wheaties," said Grewe, who helped start the Wheaties Wallin Basketball Tournament. "No matter how poorly a team played, Wheaties never said or wrote a bad thing about them. He really was a positive individual."


We have the updated Crookston High School Fall sports schedules.  You can click on the following link to check them out -


The Crookston School Board approved the fall sports coaches list at their meeting earlier this week.  The approved coaches are below -


Head: Scott Butt 

Assist. Darin Zimmerman

Assist: Brody Davidson

Vol:  Enrique Julien

9th: Tyler Brekken

9th: Gary Stegman

8th: Jeremy Lubinski

8th: Dan Halland

7th: Don Edlund

7th: Tim Moe



Head:  Ashley Stopa

Assist: Amy Boll

9th: Tayler Christenson

8th: Katie Englestad

7th: Brandi Nesseth


Girls Tennis

Head: Mike Geffre

Assist: Cody Brekken



Girls Swimming

Marley Melbye   

Vol Aly Bergstrom


Girls Soccer

Head: Sarah Reese

Assist: Shelly Erdmann


Boys Soccer

Head: Don Cox  

Assist:  Hunter Kopff


Trainer:  Luke Biermaier

Wt Room:  Scott Butt

Treasurrettes: Adrianne Winger



Speaking of coaches....I have asked all the Crookston Pirate coaches for their roster after the first days of practice and what they have thought so far of their teams.   The rosters and thoughts are below-


The Crookston Pirate Football team has 43 players on the roster (9-12) and the first game is at East Grand Forks on August 31 at 6:00 p.m.

# First Name Last Name Position
1 Josh Bernia WR/CB
2 Chris Kazmierczak WR/DB
3 Jacob Miller WR/CB
4 Quinn Westlake WR/DB
6 Gunnar Gunderson QB/CB
9 Walker Winjum WR/DB
12 Leyton  Salentine QB/CB
13 Zach Brown WR/DB
14 Easton Tangquist QB/DB
16 Zach Delage WR/DB
17 Sam  Overgard  
18 Lukas  Meier RB/LB
21 Ashton Larsen TE/DE
23 Cedric Hart TE/DE
26 Jacob Hesby TB/
28 Joey Doda RB/LB
30 Blake Fee TE/DE
32 Jaden  Lubarski WR/S
33 Jaxon Wang RB/LB
36 Jack Garmen TE/DE
42 Ty Hamre WR/LB
44 Kaleb Bakken FB/LB
49 Nick Garmen TE/DE
51 Joseph Ramirez OL/DL
52 Sam  Stewart OL/DL
54 Sam  Sanchez OL/DL
57 Caden Osborn OL/DL
59 Zac Daniels OL/DL
60 Cade Coauette OL/DL
61 Brooks Butt OL/DL/FB
63 Cade DeLeon OL/DL
64 Brady Butt OL/LB/QB
67 Charles Burke OL/DL
68 Damian Hodgson OL/DL
71 Lukas Winger  
74 Tim Schehr OL/DL
76 Dom Brouse Ol/DL
77 Treyden  Turnwall OL/DL
78 Quinn Winand OL/DL
79 Jayden  Kazmierczak OL/DL
80 Logan  Melvie TE/DE
84 Karsten Issacson WR/DL
88 Justin  Lindgren WR/DB
  Gavin Salem  
  Carter Bruggeman  



The Crookston Pirate Boys Soccer team has 40 kids out (7-12) so far this year and Coach Cox said this about practice so far - "Chris, Here is what we have, a rather large crop of seventh grade kids, which is great for the future and a very long-toothed upper class, which is good for an experienced varsity. Overall a very promising group, but I haven’t started shooting practice yet, so we’ll see how bright our stars will shine once I have them set their sites on those 8 by 24 foot barn walls."
The Pirates' first game will be Thursday, August 23 at Jamestown at 5:30 p.m.

Jake Anderson 12
Trey Christopherson 12
Eric Delorme 12
Brock Heppner 12
Killian Kuchan 12
Mason LaPlante 12
Samuel Overgaard 12
Dilon Owens (Captain) 12
Casey Tiedemann 12
Logan Wardner 12
Benjamin Andringa 11
Tai Baig (Captain) 11
Isaiah Barlow (Captain) 11
Ben Brantner 11
Jacob Brunelle 11
Gavin Anderson 10
Nolan Dans 10
Noah Dragseth 10
Noah Kiel 10
Andrew MacGregor 10
Gabriel Montieth 10
Kaleb Thingelstad 10
Josiah Wagner 10
George French 9
Luke Noah 9
Mason Owens 9
Peyton Swanson 9
Dawson Willits 9
Kaleb Armstrong 8
Drake Lord 8
Zachary Tahran 8
Gavin Winger 8
Caden Boike 7
Jordan Brunelle 7
Edward Luckow 7
Lucas Miller 7
Matthew Owens 7
Ashton Shockman 7
Brannon Tangquist 7
David Threatt 7
Makenah Delage (Manager) 10



The Crookston Pirate Volleyball team has 35 girls out this year.  I asked Coach Stopa for her thoughts on the first couple of days -
"We are very excited as a program as we have had a great turnout for our first days of practice. We have been working hard on fundamentals and conditioning."
The Pirate Volleyball teams first match will be Thursday, August 23 at Bagley at 7:30 p.m.

Shelby  Aamot
Amber Cymbaulk
Emily Funk
Ashlyn  Genereux
Brylee  Lessard
Danielle Boyle
Kasey Cwikla
Allie Love
Sophia Stienier
Sydney  Anderson
Katelyn Genereux
Danielle  Haake
Jocelyn Brekken
Morgan  Hoiland
Hailey Seaver
Emma Boll
Hannah Loraas
Angelica Perala
Ally Perreault
Samantha Sanders
Mallorie Sundeen
Chloe Bruley
Jasmine Bushard
Jasmine Haglund
Jasmin Hanson
Brianna Kelly
Breanna  Kressin
Joslynn Leach
Ellie Nesseth
Amelia Overgaard
Rylee Solheim
Trinidy Cordts
Jenna Coautte
Rachel  Hefta
Kylie  Solheim




The Pirates have 29 girls out for tennis with 16 of them in seventh and eighth grade.
Cody Brekken
joins the staff as an assistant after doing a good job with the boys last spring. Coach Geffre adds, "We lost a lot of talent from last years squad we lost over half of our tournament team as well as our top three players. Early on there will be a lot of learning as we will be a young team. We are led by Three seniors, two who played a lot of varsity last year. We have a lot of young players 7-8th grade (16 as of now) who will be figuring into varsity and JV play time. Are goal is to be in the section mix coming tournament time."
The Pirate Varsity team will have their first matches on Friday at Park Rapids.

First name

Last name Grade
Elysa Christensen 12
Jada Dillabough 12
Aaliyah Nelson 12
Hannah Street 12
Audrey Harbott 11
Eden Haller 11
Emma Borowicz 10
Linnea French 10
Catherine Tiedemann 10
Hannah Lindemoen 9
Emma Osborn 9
Amanda Schultz 9
Hayden Winjum 9
Abigail Borowicz 8
Halle Bruggeman 8
Brianna Colborn 8
Macy Fee 8
Ella Kiel 8
Lily Groven 8
Emma Anderson 7
Coral Brekken 7
Brekken Tull 7
Katelyn Christensen 7
Calleigh Fanfulik 7
Emma Gunderson 7
Morgan Nelson 7
Ny Nguyen 7
Isabelle Smith 7
Halle Winjum 7



They Pirate Girls Soccer team has 23 girls out (7-12) and they will have their first game on Friday, September 24 at Fergus Falls vs West Otter Tail Central.




Hannah Emanuel


Elise Erdmann


Hailey Spivey


Jessica Willits


Sophie Sanders


Brinna Egeland


Kylee Meier


Mackenze Epema


Claudia Dumrongkietman


Anke Wiersma


Olivia Huck


Clara Meyer


Aleah Bienek


Dillynn Wallace


Jocelyn Midboe


Jacey Larson


Zara Baig


Megan Haugen


Keona Arnold


Reese Swanson


Ny Nhu Nguyen


Ava Oakes


Cassie Solheim




The Pirate Girls Swim team has eight girls out this fall.  The first meet will be Monday, August 27 at the Detroit Lakes Pentathlon meet.

Thea Oman - 12
Muira MacRea - 12
Elizabeth Erdman - 11
Victoria Proulx - 10
Mackenzie Aamoth - 9
Madison Hoiland - 9
Claire Oman - 8
Fallon Johnson - 8


The East Grand Forks Green Wave Football team had a nice surprise this week when their new locker room was unveiled.  See the video from EGF Football below -



The new Perham High School is going to be nice and it has been fun to see everything they are doing.  They recently added high speed treadmills and new plyo bases in their new weight room.  If you aren't moving forward you are falling behind.   In EGF's and Perham's cases....they are moving forward!!

A picture of the plyo stands, and weight room at the new Perham High School

Two high speed treadmills being installed at the new Perham weight room


The Crookston Reds are headed back to the Minnesota State Class C Amateur Baseball tournament after they beat the Bemidji Blue Ox on Saturday.  The Reds started slow, but they have been playing well in their last 23 games going 16-7.  Four of the seven losses are to the Ada Athletics!
The Reds will play in the first round of the State Tournament on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. in Shakopee.  You can hear the game on KROX with a 4:30 p.m. pregame show.


I saw our friend Pat Sweeny share this on Social media and it is amazing how times have changed -

The Blues have given goalie Glenn Hall permission to report 10 days late for training camp. Hall will be busy with harvesting duties on his farm in Western Canada.


The University of Minnesota Crookston baseball alumni game has been set for Saturday, Sept 29 at 9:00 a.m. at the UMC Baseball Field. A dedication for the new clubhouse will proceed the game with the Homecoming football game set for 1:00 pm.


Villa St. Vincent’s Foundation is sponsoring its sixth Annual Glow Golf Tournament on Saturday, September 8 at the Minakwa Golf Course.  Registration is at 3:30 with a prompt 4:00 shot gun start.  9 holes of golf will be played in the day light; with the last 9 holes played in the dusk/dark.  Registration is limited to 18 teams.  All proceeds will be applied to the purchase of updated and safer furniture for resident/tenant lounges, libraries and lobbies.  For more information to register a team or sponsorship, please contact Cindy Hulst, Foundation Development Director.  281-9713.  Email:


The 14th Annual Crookston Blue Line Club Golf Scramble will be held August 17 at Minakwa Golf Course. 
There will be five-person teams with registration at 8:00 a.m. and a shotgun start at 9:00 a.m.  
Team sponsorship is $350 and individual entry is $70.  With the entry fee you receive lunch, a t-shirt and prizes.  For more information, contact Kristy Swanson at 218-470-0423 or email  Or visit


The Crookston Pirate Booster Club is gearing up for its annual membership drive. PIRATE BOOSTERS exists to support Crookston High boys’ and girls’ athletic programs.
The PIRATE BOOSTERS provide financial assistance which allows student athletes to obtain equipment, uniforms, warm-ups and facilities enhancements. Your annual investment will help the athletic needs of the Crookston High School student athletes.

With your contribution of $100.00 or more, you will have your name placed on the PIRATE BOOSTERS sustaining membership board which is located in the CHS Commons. In addition, your name will be placed in all printed programs for CHS athletic events.
The Contribution levels are broken down as follows:
$100.00-$249.00 - Blue Club Member
$250.00-$499.00 - Gold Club Member and will receive recognition as an event sponsor during the 2018-2019 academic year.
$500.00-$999.00 - Pirate Club Member and will receive recognition as a multiple event sponsor during the academic year 2018-2019.
$1,000.00 or more - Captain’s Club Member and will receive special recognition throughout the entire 2018-2019 academic year.

Although giving levels have been established, any contribution to PIRATE BOOSTERS will be greatly appreciated.

As a part of your annual membership, you are assured CHS athletic team members will not solicit you or your business with smaller fundraisers. You will have a choice to approach a specific team if you desire to provide additional support. If you are interested in joining PIRATE BOOSTERS, please make your check payable to PIRATE BOOSTERS by April 30, 2018. You may bring your donation to Greg Garmen at Crookston High School or Charles Reynolds at Fitzgerald, Reynolds, Harbott, Knutson & Larson, PLLP.  If you would prefer to have your donation picked up, please contact Greg Garmen or Charles Reynolds. You can send a check to Crookston Pirate Boosters - 402 Fisher Avenue, Crookston MN 56716.

The Crookston High School Athletic Department student athletes and coaches and the entire PIRATE BOOSTER CLUB appreciate your generous support.


There has been a lot of interest from people after we posted this so we will post it again.  If you have any info on Pirate sports records or want to help tracking them down read below!

Crookston High School, namely Ed Nelson, has been working on getting all the records for the Pirate Sports teams updated and it has been a process.  Ed is looking for any records, stats, state participants, etc from the following sports.

Boys Tennis
Girls Tennis
Girls Soccer

If you have Crookston Times articles with information, yearbooks with team and/or individual records, scrapbooks, or anything with any information that you might think would be of interest to Ed email him at

With that said we have links to the Crookston Pirate records pages for the following sports.  If you see something that is incomplete, or maybe an updated record let Ed know at the above email address.  I have listed the team and click on the team to see their records. 

Here is an update on the various sports covered by the website as of December 1, 2016

Sports that are done and will not change without additional information:

Boys’ Basketball
Girls’ Basketball
Boys’ Golf
Girls’ Golf
Boys’ Soccer (Poor or no records were kept over the years.)
Girls’ Soccer
Boys’ Track & Field
Girls’ Track & Field
Girls’ Hockey will be complete by the end of 2016 and join the above.  I am currently looking for “Team:  Game” and “Player: Game” records for the first 5 years of the program.

Sports being worked on:
Baseball (Justin Johnson is doing the research and has completed the last 16 years)
Boys’ & Girls’ Tennis (Mike Geffre has the information and is scanning everything.  When he is done, the records will be posted.)

Sports not yet started:
Football (I will be starting Football this winter.)
Boys’ Hockey (Frank Fee has agreed to research the records.) 

Fall Sports -
Boys Soccer       Girls Swimming      Girls Soccer      Volleyball

Incomplete records     Girls Tennis         Football                  

Winter Sports -
Boys Basketball           Girls Basketball          Boys Hockey         Girls Hockey         Wrestling

Spring Sports-
Softball            Boys Track        Girls Track         Boys Golf         Girls Golf      -

Incomplete records 
Boys Tennis         Baseball

Sports that are no longer offered-
Boys Swimming           Girls Cross Country           Boys Cross Country


JOKES (Do you have any good jokes - email them to and I will put them in the feever

A young man who was also an avid golfer found himself with a few hours to spare one afternoon. He figured if he hurried and played very fast, he could get in nine holes before he had to head home. Just as he was about to tee off an old gentleman shuffled onto the tee and asked if he could accompany the young man as he was golfing alone. Not being able to say no, he allowed the old gent to join him. To his surprise the old man played fairly quickly. He didn't hit the ball far, but plodded along consistently and didn't waste much time. Finally, they reached the 9th fairway and the young man found himself with a tough shot. There was a large pine tree right in front of his ball - and directly between his ball and the green. After several minutes of debating how to hit the shot the old man finally said, "You know, when I was your age I'd hit the ball right over that tree." With that challenge placed before him, the youngster swung hard, hit the ball up, right smack into the top of the tree trunk and it thudded back on the ground not a foot from where it had originally lay. The old man offered one more comment, "Of course, when I was your age that pine tree was only three feet tall."


A golfer tried three straight times to hit a golf ball over the inlet of water between him and the green. But each time the ball splashes into the drink. In utter frustration the golfer said, "Caddie, take my clubs on in, I'm going to jump into the water and drown myself." The caddie replied, "I doubt that, sir. You couldn't keep your head down long enough to drown!"


I will start updating athletes and coaches next week.  Let me know if you have anybody to list!

How are former Crookston Pirates athletes doing in college or elsewhere?

Paul Bittner, is playing for the Cleveland Monsters (AHL – minor league affiliate of Columbus).

Marietta Geist, a Junior on the Carleton College Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams. 

Luke Edlund, is a Senior linebacker on the Crown College football team. 

Elise Tangquist, is a Sophomore golfer for the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. Northwestern will be off until the spring.

Isaac Westlake, a Junior playing golf for the Winona State Warriors.

Brita Fagerlund, is a Sophomore on the University of Jamestown Jimmy Women's Track team.

Aaron Hollcraft, is a Senior playing basketball and baseball for the UMC Golden Eagles.

Amanda Trandem, is a Sophomore on the University of Minnesota Crookston Golden Eagle Softball team.

Bobby Tiedemann, is a Junior on the St. Mary's University Men's Tennis team in Winona.

Ryan Bittner, is a Senior playing hockey for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 

Brady Heppner, is a Junior playing hockey at St. Johns University in Collegeville.

Haley Roed, a Junior on the Minnesota State Moorhead Women's Swim team.

Josh Edlund,  is an assistant football coach and phy ed teacher at Flandreau, South Dakota.

Crookston School District Coaches -
Brody Davidson
is an Assistant Pirate Football coach.
Tyler Brekken is a Pirate C team football coach and junior high Pirate Softball coach
Jeremy Lubinski
is a Pirate 8th Grade Football coach.
Amy Boll
is the head Pirate Girls Track head coach and assistant volleyball coach
Sarah Reese
is the Pirate Head Girls Soccer coach
Shelly Erdmann is the Assistant Girls Soccer coach.
Cody Brekken
is the Assistant Pirate Girls Tennis coach, Pirate Boys Tennis coach and Crookston Community Pool Supervisor
Marley Melbye is the Head Girls Swimming coach
Mitch Bakken is the head Pirate Baseball coach.
Justin Johnson is the Pirate Junior Varsity Baseball coach.
Brock Hanson is the Pirate Baseball volunteer assistant coach.
Jeff Perreault
is the Pirate Girls Golf head coach
Wes Hanson is the Pirate Wrestling Head Coach and assistant boys golf coach
Wade Hanson
is the 8th grade boys basketball coach
Travis Ross is the 7th grade boys basketball coach
Kevin Weber is a Pirate Boys Basketball volunteer assistant coach
Connor Morgan is the Pirate Boys Hockey assistant coach
Sam Melbye is the Pirate Boys J.V. Hockey coach
Chris Dufault is an Assistant Wrestling Coach
Nate Merten is an Assistant Wrestling Coach

Non Crookston High School Coaches-
Allison Lindsey Axness is Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach in Champlin Park

Jeff Olson is Head Wrestling coach and Assistant Baseball coach at Delano.

Jake Olson is an Assistant Football Coach and Head Boys Tennis coach at Delano.

Todd Kreibich, is the Coach and General Manager for the Minnesota Iron Rangers Junior Hockey team our of Hoyt Lakes.

Carmen (Kreibich) Johnson, is Head Volleyball coach at Little Falls High School.

Katy Westrom, is Head Girls Tennis Coach and Head Boys Tennis coach at Monticello High School.

Matt Harris, is a Director of Athletics at the British International School of Houston.

Marty Bratrud is the Superintendent and High School Principal at Westhope High School.
Gordie Haug is an assistant football coach at the University of Wyoming
Mike Hastings is the Minnesota State Mankato Men's head Hockey coach
Mike Biermaier is the Athletic Director at Thief River Falls High School
Stephanie (Lindsay) Perreault works with the North Dakota State stats crew for Bison football and volleyball and basketball in the winter. Stephanie’s husband, Ryan, is the assistant director for the Bison media relations 
Jason Bushie is the hockey athletic trainer at Colorado College
Chris Myrold is a Tennis Pro on Nevis Island in the West Indies
Kyle Buchmeier
 is a Tennis Pro at the Reed-Sweatt Family Tennis Center in Minneapolis
Erika Wheelhouse
 is serving in the Peace Corp in the Philippines.
Jarrett Butenhoff is serving our country with the U.S. Navy
Joshua Butenhoff is serving our country on a Submarine with the Pacific Fleet with the US Navy.
Alan Mart, 2009 Crookston High School graduate, is currently serving his country for the US Army as a Cavalry Scout in Afghanistan.
Peter Cournia is a 2002 Crookston High School Graduate and also a grad of West Point and is currently is serving in the U.S. Army.
Erik Ellingson is serving our country with the U.S. Air Force at Minot.
Philip Kujawa class of 2004 from Crookston Central is stationed at Hohnfels in Germany for the next 2 or 3 years.
Scott Riopelle is head of Crookston Parks and Recreation
Rob Sobolik is the General Manager of the Fargodome



That’s it for this week.  Thanks for the comments and if you have anything to add or share, please e-mail or call.  Thanks for reading and listening to KROX RADIO and


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