SECTION   8 A  FOOTBALL    2017       (FINAL)


Mahnomen 10-2
Red Lake County 7-3
Fertile-Beltrami 6-5
Fosston 5-5
Badger-Greenbush-Middle River 2-7
Cass Lake-Bena 2-7
Polk County West 2-7
Red Lake 0-9


Section 8A  MASTER SCHEDULE   2017

Friday,   August                 25      Fertile-Beltrami-42      at   Badger-Greenbush-Middle River-8                  (at Middle River)
                                                         Fosston-20       at   Red Lake County-22            (at Plummer)
                                                         Polk County West-0         at   Ada-Borup/Norman County West-43

Thursday,                            31    
 Cass Lake-Bena-8       at   Red Lake County-40                       (at Red Lake Falls)
Mahnomen-28        at   Hawley-60

Friday,  September              1      Badger-Greenbush-Middle River-40       at   Red Lake-6                  4:00 PM
                                                        Fertile-Beltrami-14        at   Walker-Hackensack-Akeley-19
                                                        Pine River-Backus-6      at   Fosston-46

Friday,                                  8       Polk County West-41    at   Badger-Greenbush-Middle River-16                    (at Badger)
                                                        Red Lake-0      at   Cass Lake-Bena-52
                                                        Fosston-0     at   Ada-Borup/Norman County West-39
                                                        Lake Park-Audubon-12      at   Fertile-Beltrami-0
                                                       Walker-Hackensack-Akeley-13        at   Mahnomen=34

Friday,                               15        Mahnomen-38       at   Fosston-14
                                                        Red Lake County-22       at   Polk County West-12              (at Climax)
                                                        Badger-Greenbush-Middle River-2       at   Lake Park-Audubon-6
                                                        Cass Lake-Bena-16        at   Ada-Borup/Norman County West-47
                                                        Red Lake-0       at   Walker-Hackensack-Akeley-65

Friday,                               22        Polk County West-20        at   Mahnomen-42
Red Lake County-44        at   Red Lake-0                    4:00 PM
                                                        Ada-Borup/Norman County West-24       at   Fertile-Beltrami-0
                                                        Lake Park-Audubon-0        at   Fosston-26
                                                        Warroad-34        at   Cass Lake-Bena-14                    6:00 PM

Friday,                               29        Fertile-Beltrami-26       at   Red Lake County-22                (at Red Lake Falls)
                                                        Fosston-50        at   Badger-Greenbush-Middle River-34                 (at Middle River)
                                                        Cass Lake-Bena-20       at   Bagley-28
                                                        Mahnomen-40       at   Lake Park-Audubon-34
                                                        Pine River-Backus-57          at   Red Lake-14               4:00 PM
                                                        Warroad-14     at   Polk County West-21                        (at East Grand Forks)

Friday,  October                6        Badger-Greenbush-Middle River-0        at   Mahnomen-34
                                                        Polk County West-7      at   Fertile-Beltrami-29
                                                        Blackduck-14       at    Cass Lake-Bena-34
                                                        Red Lake-6       at    Warroad-52
                                                        Red Lake County-26       at   Lake Park-Audubon

Friday,                               13      Fertile-Beltrami-24        at   Fosston-16
                                                      Red Lake County-22        at   Mahnomen-48
                                                      Bagley-53        at   Red Lake-14                    4:00 PM
                                                      Blackduck-6       at    Badger-Greenbush-Middle River-30            (at Badger)
                                                      Cass Lake-Bena-16       at   Pine River-Backus-31
                                                      Walker-Hackensack-Akeley-28       at   Polk County West-19                     (at East Grand Forks)

Wednesday,                      18      Badger-Greenbush-Middle River-0        at   Red Lake County-44       (at Oklee)
                                                      Fosston-34      at   Polk County West-6                (at Climax)
                                                     Mahnomen-35       at   Fertile-Beltrami-17
                                                      Red Lake-0      at  Blackduck-35              5:00 PM
                                                      Walker-Hackensack-Akeley-27      at   Cass Lake-Bena-6

Tuesday,                           24            Section  Quarter-Finals   -  7:00 PM
                                                           #8-Red Lake-12       at    #1-Mahnomen-42
                                                           #5-Polk County West-0       at    #4-Fosston-22
                                                           #7-Badger-Greenbush-Middle River-8      at    #2-Fertile-Beltrami-36
                                                           #6-Cass Lake-Bena-8      at    #3-Red Lake County-36

Saturday,                         28           Section  Semi-Finals    at  High Seeds   
                                                          Fosston-0          at   Mahnomen-30
                                                          Red Lake County-20        at   Fertile-Beltrami-24

Thursday,  November       2          Section 8A FINAL  at  Fargo Dome in Fargo, N.D.  5:30 PM
                                                          Mahnomen-30         vs  Fertile-Beltrami-12
Saturday,                          11          First Round of State Class A Playoffs -  at  Alexandria
                                                          NOON   -  Mahnomen-22          vs    Minneota-34


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