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SECTION 8A  HOCKEY   Master Schedule     2018-2019

Friday -  November 23
Delano      at   Thief River Falls                    3:00 PM
Ely      at   Kittson County Central
Orono        at   East Grand Forks                4:00 PM

Saturday   -  November  24
Becker-Big Lake        at   Bagley-Fosston                   1:00 PM
Delano     at   East Grand Forks                                  3:00 PM
Ely      at  Kittson County Central                                1:00 PM
Farmington     at  Thief River Falls                                6:00 PM
Fergus Falls     at   Detroit Lakes                                 1:00 PM

Tuesday -  November 27
Detroit Lakes     at  Grafton (N.D.)
East Grand Forks      at   Grand Forks Red River (N.D.)
Lake of the Woods     at  International Falls
Thief River Falls     at   Roseau
Warroad      at  Bemidji

Thursday -  November 29
Park Rapids     at  Bagley-Fosston
Mayville-Portland (N.D.)      at   Red Lake Falls

Friday -  November 30
East Grand Forks      at   Totino-Grace
Crookston      at   Sartell
Thief River Falls      at   St. Paul Johnson
Warroad     at   St. Cloud Cathedral

Saturday -   December 1
Crookston      at   Little Falls                                           2:45 PM
Wahpeton-Breckenridge     at  Bagley-Fosston                2:00 PM
East Grand Forks     at  St. Cloud Cathedral
Kittson County Central      at   Mayville-Portland (N.D.)
Thief River Falls      at   Minneapolis                                 2:00 PM   (at Parade Ice Garden)
Warroad      at   Sartell                                                     2:00 PM

Tuesday -  December 4

Crookston       at   Warroad
Red Lake Falls     at  Bagley-Fosston
Thief River Falls    at  Kittson County Central
Lake of the Woods      at  Fort Frances (Ont.)
Northern Lakes     at  Detroit Lakes
Prairie Centre       at   Park Rapids

Thursday -   December 6
East Grand Forks       at   Park Rapids          (at Walker)

Friday -  December 7
Lake of the Woods      at   Wadena-Deer Creek
Morris-Benson      at   Bagley-Fosston
Prairie Centre      at   Detroit Lakes
St. Paul Johnson      at   Crookston
Tartan     at   Thief River Falls
Warroad     at   Virginia

Saturday -  December 8
Lake of the Woods     at  Park Rapids                       2:00 PM
Morris-Benson       at   Red Lake Falls                      1:00 PM
Greenway-Coleraine      at   East Grand Forks           3:00 PM
St. Cloud Cathedral     at  Thief River Falls                 3:00 PM
St. Paul Johnson      at  Kittson County Central           2:00 PM
Tartan     at   Crookston                                             2:00 PM
Warroad      at   Grand Rapids                                   3:00 PM

Tuesday -  December 11
Bagley-Fosston     at   Lake of the Woods
Crookston      at   East Grand Forks
Kittson County Central     at  Red Lake Falls
Park Rapids      at   Detroit Lakes
Bemidji     at  Thief River Falls

Thursday -  December 13
Warroad       at   Thief River Falls
Park Rapids     at  Wadena-Deer Creek

Friday -  December 14
Minneapolis     at   Crookston
Red Wing     at   Detroit Lakes
Wahpeton-Breckenridge      at   Red Lake Falls

Saturday -  December 15
Park Rapids     at  Lake of the Woods                    2:00 PM
Alexandria     at   East Grand Forks                         3:00 PM
Bagley-Fosston     at  Prairie Centre                        3:00 PM  (at Sauk Centre)
Detroit Lakes    at  St. Paul Johnson                        3:00 PM
International Falls    at Kittson County Central         1:00 PM
Minneapolis       at  Thief River Falls                        2:00 PM
Wadena-Deer Creek      at   Red Lake Falls            1:00 PM

Tuesday -  December 18

Crookston     at   Park Rapids
Lake of the Woods      at   Kittson County Central
East Grand Forks      at   Bemidji

Thursday - December 20
Red Lake Falls      at   Lake of the Woods
Thief River Falls       at   Crookston
Warroad     at   East Grand Forks
Northern Lakes     at   Park Rapids              (at Walker)

Friday -  December 21
Bagley-Fosston      at  Kittson County Central             6:00 PM
Ely      at  Lake of the Woods                                     6:00 PM

Thursday -  December 27
Waseca     at   Kittson County Central                                                      2:00 PM
Detroit Lakes     at   Fergus Falls Tournament
Lake of the Woods      at   Roseau Tournament
Red Lake Falls      at   North Shore Tournament in Two Harbors
Park Rapids      at   North Shore Tournament in Two Harbors
Grafton (N.D.)       at    Warroad        5:00 PM    (at Warroad Holiday Classic)

Friday -  December 28
Detroit Lakes     at   Fergus Falls Tournament
Lake of the Woods      at   Roseau Tournament
Red Lake Falls      at   North Shore Tournament in Two Harbors
Park Rapids      at   North Shore Tournament in Two Harbors
Crookston    vs  Fargo North (N.D.)        5:00 PM    at   Thief River Falls Classic
Eveleth-Gilbert     vs     Thief River Falls       at Thief River Falls Classic  
Osseo      at   Warroad             (at Warroad Holiday Classic)

Saturday -  December  29
Waseca       at   Bagley-Fosston                  1:00 PM
Detroit Lakes     at   Fergus Falls Tournament
Lake of the Woods      at   Roseau Tournament
Red Lake Falls      at   North Shore Tournament in Two Harbors
Park Rapids      at   North Shore Tournament in Two Harbors
Crookston    vs  Eveleth-Gilbert       1:30 PM    at   Thief River Falls Classic
Fargo North (N.D.)       vs   Thief River Falls        4:00 PM    at  Thief River Falls Classic
International Falls       at    Warroad        1:15 PM    (at Warroad Holiday Classic)    

Thursday  -  January 3, 2019

Thief River Falls      at   Lake of the Woods
Grand Forks Red River (N.D.)       at   East Grand Forks

Friday -  January 4

Detroit Lakes     at   Crookston
Fergus Falls      at   Warroad
Lake of the Woods      at  Duluth Denfeld
Mayville-Portland (N.D.)       at   Bagley-Fosston
Wadena-Deer Creek      at   Park Rapids

Saturday -  January 5
Detroit Lakes     at   Warroad                                                   2:15 PM
Park Rapids     at  Kittson County Central                                 2:00 PM
Fergus Falls     at   Crookston                                                   1:00 PM
Grand Forks Central (N.D.)         at   East Grand Forks            6:30 PM
Lake of the Woods       at   Ely                                                 1:00 PM

Tuesday -  January 8
Lake of the Woods      at  Bagley-Fosston
Park Rapids      at   Thief River Falls
Red Lake Falls     at  Kittson County Central
Crookston    at   Bemidji
East Grand Forks     at  Moorhead
Wadena-Deer Creek      at  Detroit Lakes

Thursday -  January 10
Park Rapids      at   Crookston
Bemidji      at   East Grand Forks
Roseau       at   Warroad

Friday -  January 11

Bagley-Fosston      at   Ely                  6:00 PM

Saturday -  January 12
Detroit Lakes     at   East Grand Forks                             3:00 PM
Red Lake Falls        at  Park Rapids                                 1:00 PM
Warroad       at   Crookston                                             3:00 PM
Wadena-Deer Creek      at  Kittson County Central          2:00 PM

Tuesday-  January 15
Bagley-Fosston       at  Park Rapids                     (at Walker)
Crookston    at   Detroit Lakes
Kittson County Central      at  Thief River Falls
Lake of the Woods      at  Red Lake Falls 
East Grand Forks       at  Roseau                         6:00 PM

Thursday -  January 17
Thief River Falls      at   Warroad
Park Rapids     at   Northern Lakes

Friday -  January 18
Detroit Lakes     at   Lake of the Woods
Moose Lake-Willow River      at  Bagley-Fosston           6:00 PM
Wahpeton-Breckenridge      at  Kittson County Central

Saturday -   January 19
Ely     at   Red Lake Falls                                                          1:00 PM
Grand Forks Red River (N.D.)        at   Warroad                      4:15 PM
Mayville-Portland (N.D.)       at   Kittson County Central          2:00 PM
Northern Lakes     at  Crookston                                              3:00 PM

Tuesday -  January 22
Bagley-Fosston       at   Red Lake Falls
Crookston      at   Kittson County Central
East Grand Forks      at   Thief River Falls
Park Rapids      at   Warroad
Jamestown (N.D.)      at   Detroit Lakes

Thursday -  January 24
Detroit Lakes     at  Prairie Centre                              (at Long Prairie)
Wadena-Deer Creek      at  Bagley-Fosston
Red Lake Falls       at   Mayville-Portland (N.D.)
Wahpeton-Breckenridge      at   Park Rapids

Friday -  January 25
East Grand Forks      at   Lake of the Woods         6:00 PM
Duluth Denfeld     at   Thief River Falls
Hibbing     at   Warroad

Saturday -  January 26
Kittson County Central       at  Detroit Lakes              3:00 PM
Bagley-Fosston      at   Wahpeton-Breckenridge         2:00 PM
Duluth Denfeld      at   Warroad                                  2:15 PM
Hibbing    at   Thief River Falls                                    3:00 PM

Tuesday -  January 29

East Grand Forks      at   Crookston
Red Lake Falls       at   Detroit Lakes
Park Rapids      at   Prairie Centre                (at Long Prairie)
Warroad      at   Roseau

Thursday -  January 31
Crookston      at   Thief River Falls
Kittson County Central      at   Lake of the Woods
Detroit Lakes      at   Wadena-Deer Creek
East Grand Forks       at   Grand Forks Central (N.D.)

Friday -  February 1
Ely      at   Bagley-Fosston                               6:00 PM
Lake of the Woods    at  St. Paul Johnson
Red Lake Falls     at   Morris-Benson             (at Morris)

Saturday -  February 2
Detroit Lakes       at  River Lakes                                 3:00 PM      (at Richmond)
Kittson County Central      at   International Falls           3:00 PM
Lake of the Woods     at  Minneapolis         
Red Lake Falls        at   Wahpeton-Breckenridge          1:00 PM     (at Wahpeton, N.D.)
Warroad      at   Moorhead                                           6:00 PM

Tuesday -  February 5

East Grand Forks       at   Warroad
Park Rapids      at   Red Lake Falls
Bagley-Fosston       at  Mayville-Portland (N.D.)
Roseau     at  Thief River Falls

Thursday -  February 7
Thief River Falls      at   Red Lake Falls
Detroit Lakes    at   Northern Lakes
Kittson County Central       at  Wahpeton-Breckenridge
Bemidji      at   Warroad

Friday -  February 8
Crookston     at   Lake of the Woods
Roseau       at   East Grand Forks

Saturday  -  February 9
Kittson County Central     at  Park Rapids               2:00 PM      (at Walker)
Bagley-Fosston      at  Morris-Benson                     1:00 PM      (at Morris)
Crookston    at  International Falls                           3:00 PM
East Grand Forks       at   Alexandria                       3:00 PM
Red Lake Falls     at   Wadena-Deer Creek             2:00 PM

Tuesday -  February 12
Detroit Lakes      at  Park Rapids
Kittson County Central      at  Bagley-Fosston          6:00 PM
Red Lake Falls      at   Crookston
Thief River Falls     at   East Grand Forks
Warroad     at   Lake of the Woods

Wednesday -   February 13
Section 8A Coaches Seeding Meeting

Thursday  -   February 14
Crookston    at   Roseau                     6:00 PM
International Falls    at  Lake of the Woods
Little Falls     at   Detroit Lakes
Thief River Falls       at  Bemidji

Friday -  February 15
Bagley-Fosston       at  Moose Lake-Willow River          6:00 PM

Tuesday -  February 19    (Section 8A Play-in games) 

7:00 PM  -   #9 Seed-     at   #8 Seed-
7:00 PM  -   #10 Seed-   at  #7 Seed-

Thursday -  February 21  (Section 8A Quarter-Finals)

7:00 PM        Winner 8/9       at   #1 Seed-
7:00 PM         #5  Seed-        at   #4  Seed-
7:00 PM        Winner 7/10     at   #2 Seed-
7:00 PM        #6  Seed-         at   #3 Seed-

Saturday -  February 23  (Section 8A Semi-Finals   at   East Grand Forks)

6:00 PM       
8:15 PM       

Thursday -  February 28  (Section 8A Championship  at  East Grand Forks)

7:00 PM   -   

Wednesday -   March  6     (Minnesota State Class A Tourney Quarter-Final-at St. Paul Xcel Energy Center)

 TBD  -

Thursday -  March  7  (Minnesota State Class A Tourney   Consolation  at  Mariucci Arena)

Friday -   March    8    (Minnesota State Class A Tourney -  Semi-Final  at  St. Paul Xcel Energy Center)

Saturday -   March  9 (Minnesota State Tournament -  Finals at St. Paul Xcel Energy Center and Consolation Championship at Mariucci Arena)

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