Mayor-elect Guy Martin, council members-elect Don Cavalier (Ward 4), Steve Erickson (Ward 2), Cindy Gjerswold (Ward 6) and Tom Vedbraaten (At-Large) will take the Oath of Office when the Crookston City Council meets Monday night at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

The consent agenda includes approving the council minutes for the December 26 meeting and resolutions to, approve the City of Crookston bills and disbursements in the amount of $203,909.71 for check numbers 60774-60818; accept a donation from William Anderson to the Crookston Fire Department; to designate the Crookston Daily Times as the official newspaper for the year 2019; to designate depositories for public funds for the year 2019; to appoint Stephen Larson from the law firm Reynolds, Harbott, Knutson & Larson, P.L.L.P. as interim City Attorney for 2019; to appoint the CPA firm of Brady Martz & Associates, PC as the City Auditing Firm for the year 2019.
The regular agenda includes just one item, the second reading and final passage of ordinance amending City Code Chapter 11, entitled “Land Use Regulation” by changing the zoning map.