On Friday, Gov. Tim Walz signed executive order 20-38, which expands allowable outdoor recreational activities, including golf.  Rick Leach, owner of Minakwa Golf Course in Crookston, said that was welcome news. “That is good news,” said Leach.  “We’re looking forward to getting outside again and having some summer fun.  We need something to look forward too, I guess.”

Leach said the course still has snow in some areas and standing water, but all things considered, the course looks good. “There is still some snow out there, standing water in our usual places,” said Leach. “All things considered, as wet as it was last fall going into winter, it’s looking pretty good.  We’ll probably let walkers go as soon as when we can, soon as we feel they could go.  Carts might be a little bit yet.”

Leach anticipated it will still take a week or two for Minakwa to be ready to open. “I think next week is probably out of the question,” said Leach.  “It depends on the weather, a day like today with a little bit of wind blowing that’s helping to dry things out a little bit.  I think within the next week or two, we could be looking at it.”

Leach said he’ll review the governor’s order and talk with some other courses about how they are going to handle operations as they open up. “We’re kind of waiting to see about that yet, what we’re going to need to do to open up,” said Leach.  “What we’ve heard talking to people in other states we have some ideas in case they won’t allow people in the clubhouse and collecting money and things like that.  We have to figure that stuff out right now, but the main thing is we want to get the course open and let people get out there again.”