The Crookston City Council will meet Tuesday, May 26 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers at city hall. Limited seating is available due to the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines.  If you’d prefer to participate by phone you may call 281-4515 and speak during the public forum. The doors to city hall will be opened at 6:30 p.m.

The consent agenda will include a resolution to approve the COVID-19 preparedness plan for the City of Crookston to reopen city hall, a resolution accepting the bid and awarding the contract for 2020 street and utility improvements, a resolution to authorize the execution of the Federal Aviation Administration CARES Act grant, and a resolution to authorize the execution of an amendment to the Minnesota Department of Transportation airport maintenance grant.

Also on the consent agenda is approving the City of Crookston Housing Incentive Program for 2020-2021, approving the nuisance mowing bid, approving Litchfield Eagles Club application for lawful gambling premise permit at the Crookston Eagles, the May 11 meeting minutes, and the City of Crookston Bills and disbarments totaling $287,875.18.  There are no items on the regular agenda.

The Ways & Means Committee will meet immediately following City Council.  The agenda includes discussion on the proposed business plan for the Crookston Visitor’s Bureau, and discussion on the Valley Technology Park Remodel Reimbursement.  The meeting will conclude with a closed session for negotiations discussion pursuant to MN Government Data Practices Act, Statute 13D.03, Subd. 1 (B).