The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented many organizations from carrying on their activities as normal. However, one winter activity will still go on once there’s snow on the ground. Crookston’s Driftbusters Snowmobile Club is getting ready to hit the trails as soon as there’s enough snow on the ground. Mike Boucher, the treasurer for the Driftbusters Snowmobile Club, said the annual membership supper was canceled this year, but they’re hoping to draw more members with reduced fees.

“We normally have our membership supper in the first week of December,” Boucher said. “But with the regulations, we unfortunately had to cancel it this year. It’s normally our big fundraiser to kick the year off. However, we decided to reduce our membership fees for this season. We normally charge $60 for a family and $40 for an individual. This year, we dropped it down to $50 for a family and $35 for an individual.”

Boucher said even though the Club saved money by not putting on the annual supper, the membership fees are still vital. “We still need the membership money, because we’re still carrying on all of the normal activities of the club. We still have monthly meetings. We still have to pay for trail insurance and maintain the trails. Of the membership money, $20 of that goes to MnUSA, which is the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association. By becoming a member of our club, you’re automatically enrolled into the state’s association of clubs.”

Boucher said the club’s safety training field day for students is still set to go in early January. “The field day is for students ages 12-16. We have that scheduled for January 2. Tentatively, it’s still a go. This year, we decided to add a second class. It’s going to be the same day. We’re going to have a morning and afternoon session. At eight students per class, that only allows us 16 students. I know things are going to fill up pretty quick, and unfortunately, we’re going to have to turn some people away.”

Boucher said that any family or individual who is interested in joining Driftbusters this winter can talk to a club member, or go online for more information. “We have a Facebook page. It’s just Crookston Driftbusters on Facebook. We also have a website, which is DriftbustersCrookston.org, so we have our links to membership information on that page as well.”

Boucher said even with all of the difficulties and restrictions that the pandemic has brought on, snowmobiling is one activity that should be able to carry on mostly normally this winter. “We say it’s the ultimate social distancing activity for the winter,” Boucher said. “You’re riding at least six feet apart. You’re wearing a mask and a helmet. Even with all of the restrictions going on, snowmobiling is still one activity we should be able to take part in this winter.”