A few weeks ago it was announced the Crookston Community Food Baskets were canceled because of COVID-19.  Crookston High School Activities, who usually helps with the program by packing and delivering the baskets took it upon themselves to make sure Crookston families in need got something this Christmas.  Crookston Pirate Girls Basketball player, Amelia Overgaard, suggested they raise money so they can give gift cards to the families and people in need.  “Amelia Overgaard was the one that said something to Coach Darin Zimmerman about the gift card idea,” said Crookston Activities Director Greg Garmen.

Last week it was announced that Pirate activities would be raising money.  A week later, the teams raised over $7,000, and combined with a $3,000 match the money raised was over $10,000!!!  The winter sports teams (Basketball, hockey, wrestling, and dance) along with Speech, and One-Act helped raise the money. “I was hoping we would get at least to the $3,000 match.  The community really gave a lot which is good because we usually gave out hundreds of baskets so we are able to replace the baskets with something. Money keeps coming in so we will buy some more gift cards to give out to more families in town,” said Garmen.  ‘We ended up getting 100 gift cards and will distribute them to needy families in Crookston.  Between the Head Start program and Leah Zimmerman (Crookston High School Guidance Counselor), they will figure out who to send them out to.”

The Pirate Girls Basketball team raised the most money in a friendly competition between teams.