We have a Section 8A 2020-21 season preview courtesy of Roger Mischke of Mat Rats. The preview is below. 


FAVORITES: Badger/Greenbush-Middle River and United North Central
DARK HORSES: Crookston and Frazee

Head Coach: Isaac Novacek
Conference: Independent
18-12 Overall
Thirteen Section Place Winners/Five State Qualifiers/One Placer
Section 8A Champions
Class A Sixth Place
First Place: Larimore, ND Invite: 167 pts 11 placers
Fourth Place: TRF “Army/National Guard” Invite: 146.5 pts 12 placers
Fourth Place: Lisbon “Storhaug” Invite: 160 pts. 8 placers
Sixth Place: WDC “Dennis Kaatz Memorial” Invite: 117.5 pts. 8 placers
Fourth Place: Grand Forks “Sertoma” Duals

Returning Wrestlers:
Dominik Vacura    12th   52-1    1st Sec./1st State
Caleb Vacura   11th  36-11   3rd Section
Tony Olson   12th  35-18     3rd Section
Ethan Waage   11th   33-21   2nd Section
Garrett Undeberg  12th   30-21    1st Section
Jaxon Janousek  10th  30-24 3rd Section
Nathan Waage   11th    22-20      3rd Section
Brogan Beito   10th   16-34    6th Section
Dawson Beito   12th     15-12
Dayn Janousek   8th   15-31  5th Section
Mason Scharf   10th    7-4
Dameon Hanson   8th    5-4
Christian Berg   8th     3-6
Moses Creekmore   10th    2-9

Andy Dostal    48-7  1st Section   (140-71 Career
Colton Gust    25-9   3rd Section
Jacob Bergsnev      27-20    2nd Section   (52-64 Career)
Tristan Locken   14-34  4th Section
Zach Evans     4-1     Injured   (83-49 Career)


Head Coach: Jacob Oyster
Conference: Park Region
15-8 Overall Duals         4-1 Park Region
Thirteen Section Placers/Two State Qualifiers/One Placer
Final Four Section 8A
Gold Plaque MWCA Academic
Section 8A Sportsmanship Award
Sixth Place Park Region Conference: 127.5 pts. 9 placers
Third Place: Crookston “Rod Olson” Invite: 157.5 pts. 11 placers
Seventh Place: WDC “Dennis Kaatz Memorial” Invite: 100 pts. 10 placers

Returning Wrestlers:
Eion Ness       11th   34-8   3rd Section/AC
Dakota Meech    12th   33-9    4th Section/AC
Torrey Carlson     11th    29-17   3rd Section
Ethan Hendrickson     11th   28-3   1st Sec./2nd State/AC
Aaron Lake      9th  25-17  5th Section
Vince Dailey    12th  24-8  4th Section
Hunter Skaro   12th  23-18   3rd Section
Hank Tellers    10th    15-20  2nd Section
Dylan Rasmussen   11th   19-15   6th Section
Reid Pinoniemi    10th   12-15   6th Section
Logan Torma    10th    10-18
Gabe Hendrickson    10th   9-17  5th Section
Spencer Erickson   11th     6-11
Justin Gonska      10th   6-14
J. Jasicki 11th   6-6/Injured    2yrs Ago 18-14 3rd Sec./AC
Collin Olson    10th   4-1
Marcus Peterson  10th    3-10
Kevin Dailey    8th    3-0
Shawn Hendrickson    10th    2-4
Joel Isaacson   10th   2-5
Wyatt Olson   10th     1-3
Cooper Hasbargen   8th    1-3

Axel Gonska               6-14                 6th Section


Head Coach: Wes Hanson
Conference: North Star
12-9 Overall Duals
Eight Section Placers/Five State Qualifiers/Two State Placers
Silver Plaque MWCA Academic
First Place: Lake Park “Terry Teiken” Invite: 172 pts. 14 placers
Fourth Place: Grand Rapids “Skip Nalan 42nd Annual” Invite: 129 pts. 7 placers (18 Teams)
Fourth Place: Crookston “Rod Olson” Invite: 143.5 pts. 10 placers
Fourteenth Place: Cass Lake-Bena “Big Bear” Invite: 84 pts 4 placers
Hillsboro, ND Duals: 3-2

Returning Wrestlers:
Ethan Boll         10th        39-8       2nd Sec./6th State/AC
Zach Brown        12th      35-11     1st Sec./5th State/AC
Ethan Bowman       10th    35-11    2nd Section/AC
Cameron Weiland   12th     34-15    5th Section
Nolan Dans           12th     33-12     4th Section
Braxton Volker      10th     32-13      3rd SectionAC
Carter Coauette     9th      28-11     2nd Section/AC
Hunter Knutson     10th    22-22      1st Section/AC
Cade Coautte        12th    15-19
Spencer Ness         9th     11-9
Hunter Kresl          10th    7-24
Läyten Fuentes      10th    5-24
Evin Trudeau          9th      2-1

Cam Hulst    18-22   (69-89 Career)


Head Coach: Travis Nagel
Conference: Heart O’Lakes
14-11 Overall Duals                3-1 Heart O’Lakes
Thirteen Section Placers/Six State Qualifiers/Two State Placers
Section 8A Runner Up
Second Place: Heart O’Lakes Conference: 166.5 pts. 13 placers
Second Place: Wahpeton “Dan Unruh” Invite: 216.5 pts. 10 placers
Fourth Place: Brainerd “Paul Bunyan” Invite: 136.5 pts 9 placers
Fourth Place: BBE “Jaguar” Invite: 138.5 pts. 11 placers
Twenty-fourth Place: Fargo “Rumble on the Red” Invite: 54 pts 2 placers

Returning Wrestlers:
Christian Carlson   12th   30-19  2nd Section
Kaden Kiemenz    12th   29-19   2nd Section
Jake Nagel          10th    18-8
Danny Graham    10th   14-22    5th Section
Bailey Peichel        8th    19-19    4th Section
Tyler Moe              9th     9-13
Brock Barland        12th     9-6    3rd Section
Bryan Kropunske    11th   6-13    4th Section
Preston Mayfield     9th    4-8
Cade Nagel            8th    4-22
Caden Mayfield     11th    4-6
Jakob Piche           8th     3-2
Karsten Trieglaff    10th    2-3
Brady Crabtree      9th     2-2
Xander Kohler        9th     1-2
Mason Wilkowski     8th    1-6

Brett Graham     42-7     1st Sec./4th State/AC (119-44 Career)
Luke Tweeton     46-3      1st Sec./2nd State/AC (166-33 Career)
Lukas Volstad     29-15     1st Section    (65-54 Career)
Coleton Borah     21-13    Injured     (47-22 Career)
Seth Isola          19-14     2nd Section
Mason Newling     14-24   6th Section
Wesley Kropuenske   11-13    5th Section
Caleb DeGroat     4-20


Head Coach: Pat Wolfe
Conference: North Star
17-10 Overall Duals
Eleven Section Placers/Two State Qualifiers/One placer
Third Place: WHAN “Wolfpack” Invite: 171 pts. 10 placers
Fourth Place: Morris “Dr. Busian” Invite: 141 pts. 10 placers
Third Place: Grand Rapids “Skip Nalan” Invite: 143 pts. 6 placers
Second Place: Fosston/Bagley “Alfred Olson” Invite: 103 pts. 14 placers
Hibbing “Bluejacket” Duals: (4-1)
Seventeenth Place: Cass Lake-Bena “Big Bear” Invite: 79.5 pts 3 placers

Returning Wrestlers:
Carter Sorenson     12th  51-2     1st Sec./3rd State/AC
Dan Schoenborn    12th   37-14    2nd Section/AC
Keegan Senger      11th   36-9     3rd Section/AC
Aiden Wolfe            9th    20-16   4th Section
Zach Thompson      8th    17-19   5th Section
Jayce Larson         11th    12-30   6th Section
Mason Erickson       9th    9-26
Evan Chalich        12th     8-26    4th Section
Jayce Thompson    11th    6-13
Dan Olson             9th      2-6
Ross Syverson        11th    2-1
Kaden Sanford        10th    1-14
Cameron Manecke     9th   1-13
Dylan Lomen       8th     1-2

Henry Burrack  35-15    3rd Section/AC   (121 Career Wins)
Jacob Lomen   38-8      4th Section      (103 Career Wins)
Axel Munter    36-11     4th Section
Tristan McCoy  22-17     3rd Section/AC


Head Coach: Chad Hitchen
Conference: North Star
Ten Section Placers/Three State Qualifiers
Silver Plaque MWCA Academic
Third Place: Fosston-Bagley “Alfred Olson” Invite: 73 pts 9 placers
Fourth Place: Barnesville “Trojans” Invite: 90 pts. 7 placers
Tenth Place: Grand Rapids “Skip Nalan” Invite: 82.5 pts. 4 placers
Seventh Place: Fertile-Beltrami “Northwest” Invite: 88.5 pts 7 placers
Eleventh Place: Casselton, ND “Lettermans” Invite: 79.5 pts 3 placers
Twenty-seventh Place: Cass Lake-Bena “Big Bear” Invite: 45 pts. 2 placers.

Returning Wrestlers:
Seth Lavalier       11th     30-14    4th Section
Daunte Yost         12th     28-10   1st Section
Levi Qualley        11th     25-16    5th Section
Wes Ramberg       10th    16-20     5th Section
Tyler Stuhaug       11th    10-21     6th Section
Nick Hedlund        11th     9-12
Tyler Henderson    10th      4-5       6th Section
Micah Herbel         11th      4-15     6th Section
Tyler Kieckbusch     8th       1-1
Isaiah Wright         8th        1-3

Hunter Hitchen       36-11     1st Section    (131 Career Wins)
Gabe Horgeshimer  22-16     6th Section
Jasper Olson           2-2
Ivan Nephew          1-2


Head Coach: Cameron Lundeen
Conference: North Star
1-13 Overall Duals
Six Section Placers/Four State Qualifiers
Sixth Place: Fosston-Bagley “Alfred Olson” Invite: 30 pts. 5 placers
Seventh Place: Crookston “Rod Olson” Invite: 86.5 pts 4 placers
Fifth Place; TRF “Army/National Guard” Invite: 54 pts 5 placers
Ninth Place: Fertile-Betrami “Northwestern” Invite: 56.5 pts. 5 placers
Twenty-Ninth Place: Cass Lake-Bena “Big Bear” Invite: 38 pts 1 placer

Returning Wrestlers:
Damon Ferguson     10th    31-7      1st Section/AC
Zachary Howard      12th    21-12    2nd Section/AC
Tristan Ferguson     12th     17-14    1st Section/AC
Paul DeHale            11th     20-18    5th Section
George Duden        12th     18-9     1st Section/AC
Oscar Duden           10th     6-20    6th Section
Gunnar Sandeen      10th     6-22


Head Coach: Matt Clark
Conference: Mid-State
7-12 Overall Duals                  1-4 Mid-State
Seven Section Place Winners
Silver Plaque MWCA Academic
Sixth Place: Crookston “Rod Olson” Invite: 97 pts. 7 placers
Seventh Place: BHV/PP “Raider” Invite: 75.5 pts 6 placers
Eight Place: Grand Rapids “Skip Nalan” Invite: 79 pts. 6 placers
Ninth Place: Ogilvie “Lion 40th Annual” Invite: 67 pts 6 placers
Thirty-fourth Place: Cass Lake-Bena “Big Bear” Invite: 31 pts.

Returning Wrestlers:
Robby Sherk        10th     21-12    6th Section
Lucas Kritzeck      10th     21-19   4th Section
Harley Wellman    10th     15-14    5th Section
Dandre Johnson    8th       6-1
Eli Burton             9th       6-7
Jarrett Galzki        8th       4-5
Zachary Paurus      8th      4-5
Mike White           10th      3-5
Henry Thorson       9th       3-6
Tristan Hill            11th      3-12
Tate Horton           10th      3-20

Hunter Carnell       26-13      5th Section/AC
Kaden Safratowich  25-16     6th Section
Joe Klein               24-14     4th Section/AC
Joe Stachowek       28-13     5th Section/AC


Head Coach: John Black
Conference: North Star
4-18 Overall Duals
Three Section Placers/One State Qualifier
Seventh Place: Lake Park “Terry Teiken” Invite: 64 pts. 6 placers
Eight Place: Crookston “Rod Olson” Invite: 61 pts. 4 placers
Thirteenth Place: Grand Rapids “Skip Nalan 62nd Annual” Invited: 41.5 pts 2 placers

Returning Wrestlers:
Garret Eiynck      12th    34-10     2nd Section
Blake Geray        11th    16-20
Dustin Rock        12th    12-20
Will Olson           11th   8-20    4th Section
Nickowa Fortier           7-26
Lukas Geray    11th     4-29    6th Section

Shane Yates   18-18

Nolan Dans