Crookston High School has unveiled its new “Touch Wall” right outside the main office when you enter the school. The touch wall was up for the last school year; however, due to COVID-19, it was not in operation as the school didn’t want everyone touching the screen and potentially getting sick.

Activities Director Greg Garmen spoke more on the newest addition. “As we got to different schools, we started realizing that a lot of people have one,” said Garmen. “We found some funding with the help of the Crookston Pirates Boosters and CHS Activities, and we were able to make it happen. We put the rest of the information of our history and upcoming schedules on there, and now people will be able to check out all of our history and sports records along with a variety of other things as well.”

The Touch Wall has three main pages, Athletics, Activities, and History. It will be used for more than just sports and offers the user a lot of capabilities. You can use the touch wall to find the player and team record books, view a day-to-day schedule of the school, or search for a specific item you want to find.

Garmen is hopeful that the Touch Wall will allow coaches to get their team records in for people to view. “We haven’t really had a good place to store our record books,” said Garmen. I know our Basketball records are in there, and now people can look and see who holds different records and stuff like that. “I’m hopeful this will make coaches want to get that information in so that people can view that information.”

You don’t have to go to the High School to use the Touch Wall, however, as there is an online address that allows you to view the wall anywhere at any time.

The plan is to have the Touch Wall stay up to the most recent date, as it is connected with the school’s program that is used to schedule all activities. It will be a great benefit and use for the public as well as the students and staff.

The link to the touch wall is Garmen, and the rest of the staff encourage people to check out the Touch Wall the next time there at the High School.