Today, Governor Tim Walz announced that COVID-19 first dose vaccinations are up nearly 40% among Minnesotans 12-17 years old in just one week since the launch of the “Kids Deserve a Shot” campaign.

Six months into 12-17-year-olds being eligible, the state launched the “Kids Deserve a Shot” campaign to help drive up vaccination in the youth population, an age group that currently has the lowest vaccination rate. The first week of the campaign, more than 2,200 Minnesotans 12-17 got their first COVID-19 vaccine dose, compared to just 1,600 the week before.

“Every shot in the arm helps us fight COVID-19, and we’re excited to reward every 12-17-year-old who joins us in that fight,” said Governor Walz. “Whether kids have completed their vaccine series or haven’t started yet, there’s a reward for them. There are only 12 days left to get your first dose and be eligible for that $200 in your pocket, and every fully vaccinated 12-17-year-old can register for their shot at $100,000 for college.”

“It’s great to see Minnesotans youth stepping up, getting their shots, and taking advantage of these rewards,” said Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan. “You’ll get $200 for starting your vaccine series by November 9, and five Minnesotans 12-17 years old will get a $100,000 college scholarship for being fully vaccinated— don’t miss this opportunity to be one of them!”

UPCOMING DEADLINE: The deadline for 12-17-year-olds to get their first shot and be eligible for the $200 Visa gift card is just over a week away on Tuesday, November 9. Minnesotans 12-17 years old who start and complete their two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series between October 18 and November 30 are eligible to receive a $200 Visa gift card. All

Next week the state will announce the Minnesota experience drawings that will happen each week in addition to the $100,000 Minnesota college scholarship drawings. Kids 12-17 must receive both doses of COVID-19 vaccine before being entered into the drawings. All Minnesotans ages 12-17 who have completed their two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series at any time by the entry deadlines are eligible for the drawings.


Drawing Drawing Date Entry Deadline
1 November 19 November 15
2 November 29 November 22
3 December 3 November 29
4 December 10 December 6
5 December 17 December 13