The Crookston High School Leo Club had another busy year in 2021, serving and participating in various projects. In 2021, the Leo Club helped with the Crookston Home Delivered Meals, went to the Highland classrooms each day, brought treats to the Summit residents, and helped a few Crookston residents with various projects.

Crookston High School Leo Club Advisor Linda Morgan is in her 11th year as the Leo Club Advisor. She has already turned her attention to 2022 and different projects that the Leo Club will be performing in January and February. “We have a big blood drive for the Crookston Lions coming up here in January where the Leo Club students will help,” said Morgan. “The event will be on January 25-26 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Crookston, and I’ll just have the kids help with that if spots need to be filled.”

The Crookston High School Leo Club received the Excellence Award in 2021 for the 30th straight year after helping with projects and community involvement. They are the only Leo Club in the world ever to accomplish this feature.

Morgan also talked about an annual event put on every year by the Leo Club that will be getting started in January and February. “Every year, we’ve had this annual fundraiser called “Pennies for Patients,” said Morgan. “Hopefully, we can get that going again this year. It’s through the state of Minnesota, and what we do is try and raise money for kids who have cancer in the state of Minnesota. We get a different amount every year, but we use it as an opportunity to have a competition between the grade levels to see how much money we can raise.”

In February, the Leo Club will also be holding their annual Valentine Cookie sale. Another event held every year. According to Morgan, there are currently 108 members in Leo Club. Anyone is welcome to join the Leo Club at any time, as you can be involved in Leo Club while earning a letter or participate in Leo Club when you have the time available. “You can sign up any day at any time,” said Morgan. “I’m usually at the High School, and if I’m not there, I will leave a note on the door. There is a simple application process that I have the students fill out, and then after they get their parents’ signatures, they are in Leo Club. Once you’re in Leo Club, you’re always in Leo Club. If a student feels they’re too busy, they can just let me know, and we can take you out of the club.”

If students have any questions about participating in Leo Club or how to sign up, they can visit Morgan’s office in the High School commons. Morgan is confident that the Leo Club will receive the Excellence Award for the 31st year in a row at the end of 2022.

CHS Leo Club Advisor Linda Morgan