The Crookston Visitors Bureaus (CVB) search for a Tourism Coordinator is over, as they have hired Cathy LaJesse to fill the role. LaJesse is originally from the Crookston area and moved back to Crookston 13 years ago.

LaJesse’s main roles will be to help enhance current events that the CVB helps put on and bring new ideas for possible events in the future. LaJesse said the thing that excited her the most about the job was the opportunity to get more people into Crookston. “That was definitely one of the biggest things that excited me about this chance,” said LaJesse. “I want to give people the same opportunity that I have, which is to see all the fun things that the City of Crookston has to offer.”

LaJesse will attend her first CVB meeting this upcoming Thursday, January 13. While she has already begun to work, she feels this meeting will be an excellent opportunity to start digging in deeper. “So, for the meeting, I am going to be digging in, and we’re going to start talking about how we can enhance some of the current events that are upcoming,” said LaJesse. “With the meeting, I’m also planning on bringing some new ideas to the table and some things that we could look towards doing down the road.”

LaJesse also talked about the first big event that she will be involved in. “One of the bigger events we have coming up is Ice Buster Daze,” said LaJesse. “That is February 11-12, and that will be the first big event that I’ll be able to participate in. With this event being so close, there is only so much that can be done for this year, but I will be looking at different ways to enhance that event and bring people in. It is a two-day event this year, so we should get some overnight stays, and this model that has been used for this event is going to be what we try to do moving forward.”

LaJesse will be working closely with the CVB Board, sharing her ideas and new ways to enhance events. LaJesse will also work closely with the Crookston Blue Line Club to try and generate overnight stays and use out of the Crookston Sports Center.