The Polk County Republican Party Caucus will be on February 1, 2022. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the call to order at 7 p.m. sharp. The caucuses will be held at the following locations for these townships.


CHEDA Bldg, UMC campus 510 250 th St. SW Crookston, Minnesota for the townships of: Fanny, Parnell, Lowell, Crookston, Andover, Fairfax, Gentilly, Kertsonville, Vineland, Hammond, Hubbard, Scandia, all wards city of Climax, all wards city of Crookston, all wards city of Nielsville.

East Grand Forks Senior Center 538 Rhinehart Dr. SE East Grand Forks, Minnesota for the townships of: Huntsville, Nesbit, Fisher, Bygland, Tynsid, Roome, Grand Forks, Sullivan, Ester, Rhinehart, Higden, all wards city of East Grand Forks, all wards city of Fisher.

Erskine Community Center, 105 Ross Ave. Erskine, Minnesota for the following townships: Badger, Lessor, Knute, Winger, King, Sletton, Woodside. all wards city of Erskine, all wards city of McIntosh, all wards city of Winger.

Euclid Schoolhouse 27492 133 rd St. SW Euclid, Minnesota for the following townships: Farley, Brislet, Helgeland, Tabor, Angus, Brandt, Keystone, Euclid and Belgium.

Fertile Community Center 101 S. Mill St. Fertile, Minnesota for the following townships: Russia, Grove Park, Tilden, Onstad, Godfrey, Reise, Liberty, Garfield, Garden, all wards city of Mentor, all wards city of Beltrami, all wards city of Fertile.

Fosston Embassy Center 603 3 rd St. NE Fosston, Minnesota for the following townships: Johnson, Chestor, Gully, Hill River, Eden, Brandsvold, Queen, Rosebud ,Columbia, all wards city of Fosston, all wards city of Gully, all wards city of Lengby, all wards city of Trail.