The Crookston High School will be holding performances of their One-Act-Play “Brian the comet” this upcoming week, on Monday, January 24 at 7:30 p.m., and then again on Thursday, January 27, where they’ll be competing against four other teams in the subsection. The subsection will start at 4:00 p.m., and all performances will be held inside the Crookston High School Auditorium.

The play features “Jude,” the main character, whose mother is in space, and father is sick and in the hospital. While at the hospital, she meets a boy named “Brian.” The story then follows how their relationship develops.

Beth Carlson is the play director, and she discussed what viewers can expect. “It’s kind of a bit of an abstract because it takes place in several areas,” said Carlson. “We are going back and forth between different locations, and with that, we have an ensemble of kids that are commenting on the play as it’s happening. I don’t want to give it all away, but the play is very interactive, and it’s basically about a relationship between two kids and how it develops.”

A list of characters, who is playing each role, and who else is helping with the performance can be found down below.

  • Beth Carlson (Director)
  • Zara Baig (Jude)
  • Ethan Erdman (Brian)
  • Jazmine Doyea (Mother/Assistant to the director)
  • George French (Dad/Ensemble 6)
  • Logan Melvie (Vending Machine)
  • Emily Balboa (Ensemble 3/Doctor 1)
  • Samantha Rezac (Ensemble 4/Doctor 2)
  • Ella Kiel (Ensemble 5/Sheldon)
  • Elizabeth Helgeson (Ensemble 1/Nurse 1)
  • Shayla Azure (Ensemble 2/Nurse 2)
  • Halle Bruggeman (Lights)
  • Emily Shea (Sound)
  • Phyllis Hagen (Costumes)
  • Pat Seidel (Set Construction)
  • Trey Everett (Artistic Designer and Vending Machine Construction)

Jazmine Doyea is a Senior at Crookston High School and is playing the role of “Jude’s” mother, and she talked about what interested her in the part. “The main thing about this part that keeps me interested is her personality,” said Doyea. “It’s commanding, and like me, she has trouble giving up control but learns throughout the play that she does have to give some of that control up. She learns how to be okay with the unknown.”

A few pictures of the cast during a rehearsal can be found below.