Our Savior’s Lutheran Church performed its Spring Musical “I Witness News: Live From Jericho on Wednesday, May 11 at 1:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

The show was full of funny jokes, singing, dancing, and Bible Stories with a modern twist to them. The musical is about a modern-day news crew going back in time to cover the story of Joshua in the battle of Jericho with musical numbers by the cast members and a choir made up of the students. With a Preschool Prelude Performance at the 7:00 performance.

The I Witness News: Live From Jericho musical cast and crew include:

Lily Olmstead as Jackie, the News Producer

Lilli Bridgeford as Cecelia, the Reporter

Alyssa Johnson as Teri, the Audio Technician

Ivan Luckow as Joe, the Camera Man

Blake Brockpahler as the Announcer

Brayden Chapman as Joshua

Teagan Stueber as Caleb

Ruby Larson as Spy 1

McKinna Amiot as Spy 2

Caden Perry as Solider 1

Nolan Johnson as Soldier 2

Choir Members:

Preschool: Thomas Brekken, Noah Brockpahler, Axton Cymbaluk, Joanna DeBoer, Evelyn Griffin, Eleanor Kollin, Gus Kollin, Pearl Larson, Asher Leas, Maddie McLean, Piper Oliver, SJ O’Meara, Elise Sannes, Analise Wilson, and MaKenzlie Wilson

Kindergarten: Camdyn Brockpahler, Jameson Dans, Otto Hann, Noora Jerde, June Larson, Emmalynn Meine, Hazel Oliver, Odin Pilger, and Hazel Sinks

First Grade: Kingston Diaz, Lily Griffin, Kane Henderson, Annie Kollin, Allis Munch, Thorvin Pilger, Ryker Royal, and Karter Wilson

Second Grade: Tristan Brekken, Soren DeBoer, Gus Kangesier, Willow Navarro, Kaleb Olmstead, and Chase Stueber

Third Grade: Jax Amiot, Tatum Brockpahler, Clara Cymbaluk, Hadley Dans, Allessandra Kollin, Hattie Larson, and Hallie Perry

Fourth Grade: McKinna Amiot, Eliza DeBoer, and Teagan Stueber

Fifth Grade: Blake Brockpahler, Nolan Johnson, Ruby Larson, and Lily Olmstead

Sixth Grade: Lillianna Bridgeford, Brayden Chapman, Alyssa Johnson, Ivan Luckow, and Caden Perry

Pictures of the musical can be seen below: