The Crookston Police Department is holding an online Public Vehicle Auction from Monday, October 3 to Friday, October 14, where they will be selling vehicles forfeited to the Department through the DWI court process. The Department has eight vehicles for sale that can be bid on through the State of Minnesota online auction website

Some of the vehicles the Department has for sale include a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Chevrolet Buick, that Police Chief Darin Selzler reported are still in good condition to be driven and used for other jobs. “They’re vehicles that people can use and drive again, Chief Darin Selzler explained. “We don’t really know their history and how they were obtained, but all of the vehicles drove when we received them, and most of them started and ran when we brought them out.” On the auction website, you can see pictures of the vehicles, a description of them, the mileage of the cars, and the car’s features. Each vehicle’s auction will be available within those ten days and have the closing dates of the auctions for each vehicle with a countdown to when bids will close. People will be able to bid for any of the vehicles online, and at the end of the auction for each vehicle, if you win the bid on the vehicle you wanted, you can go down to the Police Station to pay for the vehicle, and collect the vehicle’s keys, title, and other things needed for it, and then pick it up at 27032 273rd Street SW, which is located on the city’s impound lot, behind the Tri-County Regional Corrections Center south of the impound building and next to American Crystal Sugar.

Along with the cars, the Police Department is also auctioning off pieces of surplus property from the Crookston Public Works Department that they are not using anymore. “They had a bunch of surplus property this year that they wanted to sell,” Chief Selzler explained. “There’re about six very large generators, a water pump, an older motor grater, a garbage truck, a tar truck, and a three-quarter-ton pickup truck for sale. So, there’s quite a bit of property for sale out there this year.”

If you would like to take a closer look at any of the vehicles or city property for sale, you can go to the impound lot at any time to inspect any of the vehicles up for auction, or you can contact the Police Department for additional information, or to schedule a vehicle inspection. “The vehicles are sitting outside in the green space across from the Justice Center, so you’re welcome to drive out there anytime, walk around them, and look at them,” Chief Selzler explained. “If you want to get inside of them or start a vehicle and listen to them run, you can call and schedule an appointment, which is pretty flexible, during any of our daytime hours, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and we’ll meet you out there with the keys and let you look a little closer. Otherwise, they’re available for viewing any time.” All the money spent on the auctioned items will either go back to the city if they were one of the city’s surplus properties (generators, garbage truck, water pump, etc.) or towards the DWI enforcement division at the Crookston Police Department, mandated by State Statute, for new equipment and improvements.

The Crookston Police Department’s Public Vehicle Auction will begin on Monday, October 3, and will last until Friday, October 14. All auctions can be found and made on the State of Minnesota online auction website on Monday. If you would like to inspect any of the cars and vehicles up for auction, the vehicles are located at 27032 273rd Street SW, behind the Polk County Justice Center, one block west and one block north of Ampride. If you wish to see the insides of any of the vehicles or how they operate, you can call the Crookston Police Department at 218-281-3111 to schedule a vehicle inspection or to learn any other additional information.