Athlete of the Week – Brekken Tull

This week’s Athlete of the Week is Crookston Pirate Girl’s Hockey player Brekken Tull. The junior has gotten off to an explosive start tallying a total of three goals and five assists to lead Crookston to a 3-0 record. In her most recent performance against Fort Frances this past weekend, Brekken scored twice as the Pirates picked up a 4-0 win.

Crookston is coming off a phenomenal season that saw them finish Section runner-up. They are looking to carry that momentum over into this season and so far, the positivity of the group is paying dividends. “I think the atmosphere of the team this year has been really positive,” said Tull. “I know it’s allowed me to get off to a good start and help the team try and win games.”

Brekken Tull

As Tull mentioned, she believes winning can be attributed to their positivity, and as it turns outs, one of the main goals the Pirates have this year as a group is being positive. “As a team, I think we want to be more positive and make sure we’re working together,” said Tull. “If we do that, we know we can win a lot of games this year.”

Brekken has blossomed into a key player for the Pirates, and head coach Emily Meyer says she is excited to see her continued growth throughout the season. “Over the years I have seen Brekken grow on and off the ice. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to see her confidence grow each year,” said Pirates coach Emily Meyer. “She is a key player in our offense and that is already showing with her great start. I’m excited to see what else she can do for us as the season moves forward.”

Coach Meyer also noted Tull is the kind of person she loves having in her program because of the way she leads on and off the ice. “As a leader, Brekken does a great job of leading by example on and off the ice. She works well with all her teammates and is one that many look up to as a role model,” said coach Meyer. “Although she is quiet, her actions speak for her the moment she steps on the ice. She has been a great leader for us this year.”

Speaking of off the ice, Brekken stays plenty busy as she is a three-sport athlete also playing Tennis and Golf, and is involved at the High School in the LEO Club, Student Council, and Orchestra. The Pirates will try and keep their fast start going this weekend as they play West Fargo United and Northfield at the Ralph in Thief River Falls. If Crookston is to have success throughout the season, expect Tull to be right in the middle of it.

First started playing hockey – I’ve been playing for as long as I can remember

What is the best part of your game – Work ethic/leading by example

What part of your game would you like to see improvement on – Shooting the puck

Favorite rink to play at away from Crookston – EGF

Do you have a pre-game ritual Tape my stick

Favorite sport – Tennis

Favorite sports team – Minnesota Wild

Favorite AthleteSerena Williams

Last movie you’ve seen – Some kind of Christmas movie

Favorite TV show – Manifest

Favorite food – Pasta

What music are you listening to – I like listening to a little bit of everything

Something people don’t know about you – Most people don’t know I’m in Orchestra

You’re stranded on a deserted island, and you can have ANY three people with you – I would go with my friends Morgan, Coral, and Georgia because they would keep me good company

Plans after graduation – Go to college somewhere and possibly play sports if the opportunity presents itself

Family – 
Dad – Ryan (Teaches at Northland in the X-Ray Department)
Mom –
Jennifer (Physical Therapist at the Villa)
Sisters – Lauren (fifth-grade)