The Crookston Public School District has announced its plan for what it will do in case the district goes over its five allotted storm days. A letter by Interim Superintendent Dave Kuehn can be seen below-

Dear Parents/District Families:

Listed below is the board-approved plan to make up any winter storm days (closed for a full day) beyond the allotted FIVE days. So far, three out of the five allotted days have been used. We are hopeful that our future winter storm days are limited — we have had a very nice January so far. Again, the plan listed below will only be implemented if we surpass our FIVE allotted days. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Dave Kuehn, Interim Superintendent

Email: or Phone: 218-281-5313 

Plan for Winter Storm Makeup Days Beyond the 5 Allotted Days:

  1. Day #6 – If this Storm Day happens before April 7th, Easter Monday becomes a student contact day (April 10th)

  2. Day #7 – If this Storm Day happens before March 20th, the District’s Staff Development Day on March 20th becomes a student contact day

  3. Day #8 – Teacher Workshop Day on June 2nd becomes a student contact day, and Teacher Workshop Day moves to Monday, June 5th