Scruffy Tails Humane Society, along with other shelters nationwide, is participating in BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Summer National Empty the Shelter reduced-fee adoption event from July 8 to 31.

Tens of thousands of highly adoptable pets are waiting for their second chances in our nation’s animal shelters as they face an ongoing capacity crisis. This event aims to make adoption more affordable and raise awareness for these incredible pets.

This effort has helped more than 253,000 pets find loving homes, making “Empty the Shelters” the largest funded adoption event in the country. During these quarterly national events, an average of 1,225 pets are adopted daily. Scruffy Tails Humane Society, which typically isn’t open on Mondays or Tuesdays, will be open for those days for the remainder of July. This will be in hopes of finding even more pet homes over the course of the month.

“A lot of times, people look at the fees and go, that’s kind of expensive. But any of them that leave will be microchipped and fixed for sure. That is typically what we offer for any adoption.” Says Shelter Manager Erin Wilson.

The adoption fees for July will be $50 for cats and dogs. In other months, they are usually $100 for cats and $200 for dogs. The fees for puppies and kittens differ, with kittens being $150 and puppies being $225. “We have kittens that were born in-shelter, and then we have them up until age four for cats. Then, we have six months to twelve years for dogs. So Coco is our oldest, and she is twelve years old. We have a nine-year-old Chihuahua, and then we have the two six-month-old pit puppies along with nine-month-old cattle dogs.”