The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced today that they will begin reissuing nearly 150,000 one-time tax rebate checks that have gone uncashed and subsequently expired after 60 days from their August and September issuance dates. The reissued checks will go out in two batches: one batch this week and the second batch in early December. The reissued checks will be valid for 60 days from the date of issuance.

The paper checks appear in a plain white envelope. They will be from Submittable Holdings located in Missoula, Montana, and will carry the signature of Revenue Commissioner Paul Marquart. These checks are protected by standard banking safeguards that help detect and deter fraud.

If the reissued check goes unclaimed, the Department of Revenue will work with taxpayers who are eligible but did not get their rebate after the reissued checks void in early 2024. To avoid duplicate payments, they cannot issue a rebate payment while a rebate check is still valid but uncashed.

Any unclaimed one-time rebate payments will eventually be handed over to the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Unclaimed Property Division.