Both Jim Karn Field and the Ray Ecklund Complex are currently undergoing renovation projects, which involve many moving pieces. 

Crookston Parks and Recreation Director Jake Solberg details the project: “At Karn, we are putting in the storage underneath the grandstand. So what we are doing there is we are kind of making it look like an old ballpark theme; we have a Fenway Green like the ballpark itself. There will be five bays; each bay can be used for storage by our high school team, their equipment, the legion, and Park and Rec. staff, so things are on-site there.” The bathroom by Jim Karn Field was also renovated and is now accessible to the public. 

The updates to the Ray Ecklund Complex include a new scoreboard, new fencing, and updated pitching mounds added to diamonds five and six. Parks and Rec. will also be adding sand volleyball areas to the complex. 

Solberg concludes, “The projects, some of them are done, and some of them are on their way.”