The city of Crookston is moving forward with updating its campsite at Crookston Central Park Campgrounds.  

The city of Crookston and city council members have formulated a redevelopment plan for Central Park, which includes four additional campsites and a bathhouse. Construction is now underway, and city administrator Corky Reynolds gave his comments. “What we got here is a redesign of the Central Park Campground,” said Reynolds, “We have 17 designated sites, but potentially, if we split some of the larger ones, we could get up to 21.” The excavating work has begun at the campsite, where additional campsites will be constructed.

According to city officials, the former campground was less developed and less conducive for bigger units. The newly reconstructed campground will have those sites that can take larger units/self-contained units and more of them. Along with the campground reconstruction, a new bathhouse will placed on the North East side of the campground.

“We have a bathhouse which is being constructed in Wisconsin,” said Reynolds, “ It will be moved here over land and will be set by a crane on the concrete footings which had been poured here now, and they are ready for the huff cut four unit bathhouse to be set down on that poured concrete”  The estimated completion for the bathhouse will be June 3. Once the crane leaves the construction zone, the city will pour roadways into the campground. 

Reynolds also explained that having bathhouses in campground facilities gives all essential services to campers. “Campers come in tents, and those in self-contained units may want to shower. Campers are going to use the bathhouse for bathhouse toilet facilities and showers, that type of thing,” said Reynolds. “The thought process there was elevated, so if we have high water events, we will be out of that. It is new; it is reconfigured and better constructed for the enjoyment of our campers.

The previous bathhouse was described as outdated and needing new amenities. The new addition will provide up-to-date services for incoming campers.