The Crookston Parks and Recreation board met on Monday in the City Hall conference room.

The meeting kicked off with the board reviewing the language proposed to be added to the Youth Activities Policies and Procedures. Park and Rec Director Jake Solberg explained to the board that after extensive research, he found no records of specific policies and conduct literature in the city’s parks and rec records.

“This was a procedure and policy for our youth activities,” said Solberg, “And adult activities we provide for the community. It’s a kind of a structure of how we want to run things and operate procedurally.” The subsections proposed to see language added to include the mission statement, objectives of youth recreation, sports philosophies, fair play concepts, general policies, and code of conduct. The board unanimously recommended the language additions, which will be presented to the Crookston City Council for approval.

The meeting continued with the board discussing the improvements and projects to be made to the Ray Ecklund Complex for 2024. The Crookston Baseball Association will sponsor a project on diamond one at the complex, where a concrete slab will be added to the field. The slab will create a walking path to the dugouts as well as create a walking path behind the backstops for fans and spectators. This project is estimated to cost $17,000.

Solberg informed the board that the sand volleyball courts at the Crookston Sports Center will ultimately be relocated to the Ray Ecklund facility. “We want everyone to be out at the Ray Ecklund complex,” said Solberg. “We have a beautiful, grassy, open area there. It has tennis courts, basketball courts, and six diamonds, including a beautiful Karn field. It’s a really good amenity for our community, so adding to it was the vision.”

The consent agenda included the approval of minutes from the board meeting on February 20. The Crookston Parks and Rec board will meet again on Monday, May 20, in the Crookston City Hall conference room.