On Saturday, March 18, the Crookston Speech Team competed at the Perham Jacket Classic, with several students bringing home awards.

Zara Baig – 1st place in Humor in honors finals
Sam Rezac and Zara Baig – 1st place in Duo in honors finals
Maddie Harbott – 2nd place in Discussion in honors finals
Shayla Azure – 3rd place in Drama in honors finals
Sam Rezac – 3rd place in Storytelling
Zac Plante – 5th place in Humor
Meliyeh Moore – red ribbon in Extemporaneous Reading

Also competing were Thor Harbott and Jack Anderson in Duo, Brandon Wandrie in Original Oratory, Ivan Luckow in Creative Expression, and John Lisov in Humor.

Next week the team will compete at Detroit Lakes.

first row Zac Plante Zara Baig Sam Rezac second row Maddie Harbott Shayla Azure John Lisov third row Meliyah Moore Brandon Wandrie Ivan Luckow Jack Anderson Thor Harbott Coach Brandon Adams