Crookston has a new Auto Repair shop in town at 525 Strander Ave., the former spot of Mike’s Muffler Stop, as Noah Thompson has bought the building to house his auto repair shop, NT Auto Repair and Exhaust.

Thompson originally worked owned a Repair Shop as a single bay in another shop in Fairfax, but after gaining a large enough customer base, he had been looking to find a bigger shop to service his customers.
“I’ve been working out of a different shop just off of Fairfax, where I had a single bay, and it got to the point where the customer base is getting big enough, and we’re looking to expand and get a bigger space to do my business and better serve the community here,” owner Noah Thompson explained. “I had heard through the grapevine that Mike (of Mike’s Muffler Stop) was thinking about retiring, so I met with him a few times. It went from there. We got a deal worked out, I bought the place, and we opened up on Saturday.”
Thompson will offer full mechanical repair to cars and trucks with his shop, ranging from brake repairs to oil changes and in-depth engine repair. The shop will also add a new service to its shop with exhaust repair with full custom bending.

With a new building at their disposal, Thompson has found it to be a better upgrade from his previous shop back in Fairfax. “We have quite a bit more room and a lot of space to park things,” said Thompson. “It’s all-around a way better upgrade, and I’m just trying to move forward with the business and better serve the community. We got a really nice welder, and it has a computerized exhaust machine for custom bending to make beautiful pipes.”

The shop will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. If you need to schedule an appointment with Thompson to repair your car, you can call at 218-277-0070, message him on Facebook at, or by coming into the shop at 525 Strander Ave. to schedule an appointment.

Noah and Kaitlin Thompson celebrating the opening of their shop