The Polk County Commissioners met on Tuesday in the Polk County Government Center.

The meeting began with Polk County Finance Director Ron Denison and MAGIC (Minnesota, Association of Government Investing for Counties) Foundation representative Brian Johnson gave a presentation to the board regarding MAGIC and how it could potentially benefit the county. “This is still not too familiar to our new commissioners, so I just wanted to bring in a representative,” said Denison, “To explain the general idea and the questions they had. This is a great way for us to use the money we have to create additional interest.”

The MAGIC fund provides investments tailored to the specific needs of Minnesota counties and county instrumentalities while investing only in instruments permitted under Minnesota law. “The commissioners just wanted a refresher of what it was,” said Denison, “From my understanding, the commissioners had mentioned that they want to revisit this topic in a month or two and talk about how we should use this more. They thought this was a good option, and we should increase what we’re doing with the MAGIC fund.”

Polk County Highway Engineer Richard Sanders approached the board seeking approval regarding purchasing the RT Vision Government AP Software. This will serve as finance software for the Polk County Highway Department, allowing the department to conduct electronic vouchering. “As invoices come in, my accountant can put them in the system electronically,” said Sanders, “We then can get them approved electronically both by my department and by finance so they can be paid more efficiently.” The board ultimately approved the purchase of the new software.

The board also approved Sanders’s request to purchase 10,000 tons of gravel from Davidson Construction out of Holt, Minnesota, for $6 per ton. The gravel will be used between Fertile, Mentor, and Erskine to re-shoulder the roadways. “All paved roads within the area; we will be able to haul that gravel more efficiently,” said Sanders, “Currently, the closest gravel beyond that would be in Norman County near Rindal or up in the Trail area of Polk County.” The board approved the purchase of 10,000 tons of gravel from Davidson Construction totaling a cost in the amount of $60,000.

Sanders also sought approval for the 2024 road restriction map. All paved roads will remain the same as in 2023. “The only difference from the 2024 map and the 2023 map,” said Sanders, “Is that we added two gravel roads that we’re going to post at four-ton if needed. The first one is County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 46 (we recently re-graded), located between Trunk Highway 102 and Trunk Highway 2.”

The last gravel road that will be added is CSAH 63, located between CSAH 60 and Trunk Highway 2 north of Fisher. The Highway Department added gravel to this road in the Fall of 2023 and plans on keeping close tabs on it throughout this year. The department will post this road at four tons per axle if needed. The board approved the 2024 restriction map.