On Monday, May 13, Travis “Bull” Johnson, Candidate for Minnesota House seat 1B, announced the permanent suspension of his 2024 run for the Minnesota House.  After failing to secure the GOP endorsement in April, Travis had temporarily suspended his campaign while he weighed his options. 

Travis has released the following statement about his decision: “This was not an easy decision to make. I initially had every intention of taking this race to the primary, but the more I looked at the similarities between my and Steve’s platforms, it appeared that there was not much room to make this race about the issues. I refused to make this race personal.  This past week, I met with Steve, and I am confident we can work together to ensure that this seat stays in conservative hands and that Steve will work hard to ensure that the issues that helped to drive my run will be addressed to improve all of our lives.  While we are suspending our campaign for the Minnesota House, we are looking at other options for 2026. As such, after talking to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board we will be keeping our campaign account active as we continue to raise funds to bring our account into the black and prepare for 2026.

I look forward to making an announcement on that front in the coming weeks.”

Any questions may be directed to Travis “Bull” Johnson at 218-280-4854 or

Travis “Bull” Johnson