American Crystal Sugar is proud to award Fisher Robotics a check for $2,500 to help support this program. Fisher Robotics is a stem Based program that introduces students to Project Development, Building, Programming, and troubleshooting electronic/mechanical devices. The teams must document the process and are interviewed at the event. During these interviews, they answer questions about the processes used to develop their design and program.

Fisher High School team 7458F is one of the original Vex robotics teams that were established 13 years ago. During this time, they had 21 teams in the state of Minnesota. Since then, they have grown this program to over 500 teams. This year, the team is two students: Baily, a sophomore, and Kasen, a Junior. These two have put in well over 200 hours on this robot. They have achieved two tournament championships, two excellent awards, and the highest skills score at the East Grand Forks Tournament. They have competed in five tournaments, one being Minnesota State. The Minnesota state tournament is by invitation. They have also been invited to compete at the National tournament in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Fisher Elementary School teams are 7458A/B. The teams are a blend of fifth graders who competed last year and earned their way to state and fourth graders who joined this year. This program is in its early stages. Currently, Teams are mostly in Northern Minnesota, but teams are always being added. Both teams have competed in four events locally. Like the High school teams, they earned an invitation to the Minnesota state tournament. At State, both teams earned awards 7458A Earned a build award. This award requires the teams to present their robot and explain their designing and building processes. The team needs to explain this in detail to the judges.7458B worked their way up in the ranks to earn second place in the tournament. Both awards earned them an invite to Vex Robotics Worlds held in Dallas, Texas. American Crystal is proud to support this program.