The Crookston High School’s Community Projects class has been busy making projects for the school and other organizations around town over the past couple of weeks, and a couple more students are ready to gift their latest projects to the upcoming Ice Buster Daze event this Saturday! Crookston High School students Chase Proulx and Jamie Brown created four cutting boards with unique designs and carvings that will be given as door prizes at the 2023 Ice Buster Daze event on Saturday, February 11.

At the beginning of the semester, Community Project class teacher Travis Oliver gives the class a list of projects that he receives from the school and organizations in the community for the class to choose from and complete if they’ve completed other individual projects to complete individually or with a group. Being ice fishermen and regular participants of Ice Buster Daze, Proulx and Brown saw an opportunity to complete a simple project for a passion. “Jamie and I are big ice fishermen ourselves, so we thought of something that was easy for a door prize and something that people would use, so we came up with cutting boards,” Chase Proulx explained. The two created four cutting boards with unique engravings and patterns using different colored scrap wood with the logos of the Crookston High School and Ice Buster Daze. “We took some scrap wood, pieced it together, and tried to match up the colors on it, then put butcher’s block on it and engraved it,” Jamie Brown explained. “One of them doesn’t have an engraving, but it’s nice and thin. One was also given to us by someone else (fellow student Kaleb Stolpa) who had already made one, but we just finished it up for him.”

With these new projects, Travis Oliver and the class hope to make this an annual project done for Ice Buster Daze with unique engravings each year for competitors to win. “It feels pretty good to do something for Ice Buster Days when we both compete in it,” said Chase Proulx. “When people win them, we can say, “Hey, we made that, and at the Crookston High School.”

With the year over halfway completed, the Community Projects class has more projects it plans to complete, such as a new Pirate desk for the CHS’s Guidance Office, a display case for the Leo Club, and new breakfast trollies for Washington Elementary School.

We will continue to check back with the Community Projects class and its students when they’ve completed their latest projects. The cutting boards will be given away as door prizes at the Crookston Ice Buster Daze event on Saturday, February 11.

Pictures of the students and the cutting boards can be found below-